Top 10 ICT Job Demands in Australia

Top 10 ICT jobs in Australia that are in demand

The new era of technology requires applicants to create innovative techniques for business. Business companies invest in various IT trends to compete. Every year skilled workers move to Australia for a secure future. Many skilled professions from ICT fields apply for the skilled migration program. The increasing demand in the IT sector is what attracts skilled workers.

Here’s the list of the top ten demanded high-paying ICT jobs in Australia.

Software and Application Programs

Software and Application Programmer write various code for programs to function correctly. They require problem-solving techniques, logical reasoning, critical thinking, attention to details like characteristics. If you are a coder and enjoy working with codes, you can consider going for this field.

There is various job option like back-end developer, game developer, senior analyst programmers, etc. There is a various job opportunity for programmers who wants to learn more and develop their skills.

ICT Business Analyst

Business analysts are the bridge that connects IT and the business world. It helps take the business to another level by spicing it up with modern technologies. Information technology plays an integral role in operating businesses. They will be suitable for positions like technology strategist, risk analyst, senior development manager, etc.

Database Administrator

The database administrator is responsible for planning, configuring, database design, migrating, monitoring, security, data backup, and recovery, etc. They have to make sure the data standards are consistent and are available to users when they face any problems. To qualify as a database administrator, one must have IT-related knowledge of database operating systems and their technologies.

ICT Manager

ICT managers perform works for the network and IT teams of a company. They have to fulfill all the system requirements. IT managers can work on several projects which will help in gaining experience in the field. They are eligible for jobs like IT resource officer, technology coordinator, operational manager, etc.

System Administrator

System Administrators helps to manage, configure, maintain and ensure the reliability of all the computer-related system. They are responsible for managing infrastructure, network equipment. Jobs like system manager, user support officer, software administrator, etc. can be career choices.

Web Developer

The job task for a web developer is designing a website. They play a vital role in the design of pages, user interfaces, and programming. There is an excellent scope for web developers in every company with a strong web presence. They are suitable for job positions like front-end web developers, designers, SEM assistants.

Network Engineer

Network engineers create the design and set up networks useful for the organization. Other functions include placing physical equipment, setting up electronic equipment, determining the appropriate antenna to ensure the best coverage. To make a career in network engineer requires a computer science degree or IT background. Various certification in network field is a plus point for your job hunt.

System Analyst

Systems analysts deal with the technical efficiency of computer systems. They help draft solutions based on the latest technologies in use analyzing the total cost. You will need a computer science degree to get in this field with a good knowledge of programming.

Systems team lead, ICT systems trainer, technical analyst officer, etc. are some of the job prospects for a systems analyst.

Project Manager

A project manager deals with planning the stages of a project and implementing a solution. They perform various activities like task assignments, deadlines, and budget allocation for the project, etc. You will require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information science for a project manager.

Network Administrator

The network Administrator will be managing various computer-related operations from digital security to performance enhancement. They must have proper knowledge of network infrastructure and be able to troubleshoot whenever a crisis arises.

They will have to create various network designs, diagrams, documentation based on their designs. A network administrator must appropriately configure user issues related to hardware and software.

The information technology sector is on the verge of reaching a new height with continuous advancement and development. It brings significant changes in the working environment. With new job platforms being introduced and existing roles evolve to modern possibilities. The most demanding job will also provide high salaries and incentives.

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