What is ACS?

ACS i.e. Australian Computer Society is an authorized leading authority association that designed ACS RPL Skill Assessment to assess the skills and knowledge of the candidates applying for Australia Immigration. ACS is the skills assessing authority for all the ICT or computing professionals for the purpose of migration.

What is ACS Skill Assessment?

ACS SKILL ASSESSMENT is a pathway for migration process. ACS assess your skills, knowledge and experience you have in the particular ICT field and if your skills are positively assessed then you will have chance to get PR Visa in Australia.

What is RPL?

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning which is a process of assessment of an individual’s skills and knowledge acquired through formal, informal or non-formal learning and who are willing to migrate to Australia.

What is RPL for Australia Immigration?

Recognition of Prior Learning is the process of assessment of skills and knowledge of the candidates who are willing to migrate to Australia. Professionals from another countries with no ICT degree i.e. tertiary qualifications or insufficient ICT qualifications are required to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to ACS for Australia Skilled Migration by submitting RPL report form for ACS skill assessment.

Why RPL is mandatory?

If you want to migrate to Australia and get PR Visa, then RPL is the most essential. You can’t begin your permanent residency (PR) process without clearing this ACS RPL skills assessment.

What is the format for ACS RPL Report?

For Australia Skilled Migration, the applicants have to submit ACS RPL form and explain that they have necessary skills that ACS required. The ACS Skill Assessment gives an opportunity to the candidates without ICT or insufficient ICT qualifications to showcase the skills they have acquired. There is a section in RPL report called “Key areas of knowledge” in which the individual can include a maximum number of areas they are skilled or they have acquired the knowledge in. The ACS RPL report is most for those candidates who have ICT knowledge or skill but not similar to that of a degree in Australian universities but have professional experience in the ICT sector. These candidates can apply for ICT Skills Assessment via RPL assessment process.

Their acquired knowledge covers ACS RPL Project Report Form and addressing as many of the areas referred to in the Key Areas of Knowledge they consider.

The ACS RPL Report form must include the following two sections:

  1. Section 1 – The Key Areas of Knowledge
  2. Section 2 – The Project Report Forms

Section 1: Key Areas of Knowledge

Key Areas of Knowledge has been developed from the ACS Core Body of Knowledge as a guide for applicants who have not acquired a formal ICT qualification equivalent to an Australian Degree or Diploma but spent a substantial period of time in professional-level ICT employment and wish to apply for an ICT Skills Assessment via the RPL assessment process.

  1. Essential Core ICT Knowledge
  • Topic I – ICT Professional Knowledge

Sub topics:

  1. Ethics
  2. Professional Expectations
  3. Teamwork Concepts and Issues
  4. Communication, Societal Issues
  • Topic II – ICT Problem Solving

Sub topics:

  1. Modelling Methods
  2. Process to understand problems
  3. Methods and tools for handling abstraction

B – General ICT Knowledge

  • Topic III – Technology Resources

Sub topics:

  1. Hardware and Software Fundamentals
  2. Data and Information Management
  3. Data Communications and Networking
  • Topic IV – Technology Building

Sub topics:

  1. Human Factors, Programming
  2. Information Systems Development and Acquisition
  • Topic V – ICT Management

Sub topics:

  1. IT Governance and Organizational Issues
  2. IT Project Management
  3. ICT Service Management
  4. Security Management

Section 2 – The Project Report Forms

In this, you must write a clear description of a project you have done to show your performance as an ICT professional.

As you have to submit two reports, each report must relate to your project or work done by you during your professional ICT career. The purpose of these reports is to make you able to illustrate your command and implementation of the Areas of Knowledge described in Section 1 of this application.

The applicant is required to submit two reports; one must pertain the project undertaken within last three years, and the other one must be of project undertaken within the last five years. Following are the key points to be explained in both the projects.

  1. Project Summary:
    • Roles and responsibilities in the project as per the ANZSCO Code
  2. Business Opportunity or Problem:
    • Description of the business opportunity or problems addressed in this project
  3. Solution:
    • Discussion about contribution to the solution, project or engagement.
    • Description of design or problem solving methods used on this project.
    • Major deliverable of the project
  4. Results:
    •  Implementation of solution.
    •  Assessment about the overall success or failure of the project.
    • Lessons learned
How many project report form is required to submit ACS?

For RPL Assessment, applicants are required to submit two Project Reports through ACS Project Report Form (RPL) .
In one report, the project that is undertaken in the last three years should be mentioned, and in another report, the project undertaken in the previous five years.

Each report must provide a detailed description of a career episode in the employment history with sufficient detail of evidence in applying the claimed knowledge in a working situation. Sufficient detail must be provided to demonstrate the depth and breadth of ICT knowledge gained during applicant’s ICT employment.

Is there any chance to get your RPL rejected?

Yes, of course. If you don’t write your RPL in a proper way, know all the possible reasons of RPL rejection. Despite of being careful while writing your RPL report, you may commit some mistakes and those mistakes will lead to negative assessment or RPL rejection from ACS. Understand all the things you need to know while writing RPL report positively.

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What is ACS Key Areas of Knowledge in RPL?

The ACS Key Areas of Knowledge is SECTION 1 that you need to fill up in the RPL report form. In this section, you have to clearly mention all your experiences and qualifications that meet the selected topics of Areas of Knowledge.

You need to explain clearly how your experience and qualifications match the chosen fields and explicitly how and where you obtained the information.

Can we take professional help for RPL project submission for ACS assessment?

Yes, of course you can. ACSRPLAustralia.com has the team of professional RPL writers who help you and assist you in RPL writing and getting your RPL positively assessed.

What is ANZSCO CODE? Why its necessary to match and mention the occupation list with the particular ANZSCO code for ACS SKILL ASSESSMENT ?

The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) is a skills-based classification system used to classify all occupations and jobs available in the Australian and New Zealand labor markets.

Yes, its necessary to match and mention the ANZSCO code, If the assessor finds that your application is unsuitable under the nominated occupation, a suitable ANZSCO may be suggested IF there is a clear alternative.

If the recommendation is accepted it does incur an additional fee of $200.

Can changes be made to your ANZSCO nomination if your application is in process?

Once the assessment process has commenced, it will NOT be possible to change the ANZSCO code.

What is employment reference letter? Why its essential?

An employment reference letter or say a recommendation letter is a written document that includes the entire assessment, professional skills, work, and experiences of an individual, thereby emphasizing his/her abilities to perform particular tasks.

Employment reference are very essential for non ICT professionals to prove their level of knowledge and skill equivalent to those with the ICT degrees. A perfect employment reference helps a lot in getting positive assessment from ACS for Australia Immigration.

Do employment reference letter get rejected? If yes,Why?

Yes, the employment reference letter also gets rejected. If your employment reference letter doesn’t meet the standard of ACS then your assessment will be a failure. So, make sure the following things:

  • Do not copy paste from the websites or other resources.
  • Show clear start and end dates in the letter.
  • Make sure the duties you mention in the employment reference letter matches the nominated occupation (ANZSCO).
What is PTE for Skill Assessment?

In accordance with the standpoint series of this event, you can parallel undertake ACS and PTE. Both of these demands a fair amount of time which suggests for completing PTE first and then begins with ACS. Approximately AUD 500 is considered as ACS skill assessment fees. Accounting the financial insights, there does not exists any point to apply for.

ACS if you don’t not clear PTE which implies to score less than 65 regarding a section. In order to further apply for EOI, you require accounting for the PTE score even after having positive ACS assessment. Hence, the PTE is considered as crucial element which is likely to be preferred first, followed by that they must move towards ACS. However, despite acquiring long term orientation, it is suggested as quality PTE and ACS document preparation time which is likely to be considered as crucial.

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Is there alternative to employment reference letter? If yes. what is it?

Yes, If you are unable to get an employment reference letter from a company, you have to give an explanation as to why an employment reference letter cannot be obtained. Then a third party official Statutory Declaration or Affidavit written by a work colleague can be submitted along with one of the following as supporting evidence:

  • Employment certificate/statement of service.
  • Leaving certificate if no longer working at the same company.

A Statutory Declaration or Affidavit written by a work colleague must describe the working relationship with you and details of your duties performed with relevant dates of employment. It must clearly state that the document was ‘Sworn Before’ or ‘Signed Before’ or ‘Witnessed Before’ the authorised witness by the referee and signed by the authorised witness, along with the date and place in which the declaration was witnessed.

What is the working hour assessed as suitable by ACS?

Full-time work is considered to be 20 hours or more per week and must be stated in the employment reference letter. Any experience less than 20 hours per week will be assessed as unsuitable.

What is Statutory Declarations and Affidavits?

A Statutory Declarations and Affidavits is an alternative to the employment reference letter, a legal written document declared as valid and signed in the presence of an authorised witness when an applicant is unable to get an employment reference letter from the company.

What is SkillSelect?

SkillSelect is the latest online program developed by the Australian government that enables skilled workers who are interested to migrate to Australia to be eligible for a Skilled Australian Visa.

Applicants have to submit an EOI using SkillSelect.

What is EOI for Australia Immigration? Why its necessary?

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is a form of applying to demonstrate your interest in applying for a Skilled Visa to migrate to Australia. EOI is an online application form that the applicant must fill out using the website of the Australian Government usually referred to as Skillselect.

Your EOI will be audited by the Australian Immigration and Border Protection Department and if your EOI gets accepted then they will invite you for PR application.

Do reference letters ever have specific instructions?

Sometimes letters of reference have submission requirements. This could mean they are part of an application packet and must be submitted with other materials. There may also be requirements for what is included in the letter. In other cases, requirements might include creating a digital letter versus a physical one. To write the best letter of reference for your former employee, make sure you understand all of the requirements needed for submission.

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