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What is Employment Reference for ACS RPL Application?

Candidates with non ICT degree or insufficient ICT qualification are required to submit RPL project report along with employment reference letter to Australian Computer Society (ACS) in order to prove their competency according to the ACS standard and get positively assessed in ACS Skills Assessment. ACS performs skills assessment based on applicants’ knowledge, skill and work experience. It serve as a proof of candidate’s work experience and knowledge applied in the nominated field of occupation. It including the detailed work history of at least seven years in the nominated occupation is considered to be qualified for ACS RPL Application.

Here at ACSRPLAustralia.com, you will be provided with Employment Reference letter samples submitted by our previous client and have been proven to get assessed positively. You can download the letter samples and use them for reference purpose. 

Employment Reference Letter Samples

Who needs Employment Reference?

Non ICT professionals applying for Skilled Migration to Australia are required by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) to submit employment reference along with the RPL project report to showcase their skill and contribution in the nominated field of occupation. ACS performs Skills Assessment on the basis of the RPL project report and the duties and responsibilities performed by the candidates that are mentioned in the employment reference. Employment reference are very essential for non ICT professionals to prove their level of knowledge and skill equivalent to those with the ICT degrees. A perfect employment reference helps a lot in getting positive assessment from ACS for Australia Immigration.

What to include and not include in Employment Reference Letter?

According to ACS skill assessment guidelines, each employment reference must contain the following information:

  • Employment Dates: Start and end dates of the employment should be clearly mentioned in each employment reference letter. These dates must be specified in a DD/MM/YY format. If your employment is “Current”, the employer reference should state the term “To Date” and MUST include the date the reference was written.
  • Duties and responsibilities: Employment reference must include all the duties and responsibilities performed by the candidate in the period of their employment. And it is very important that those responsibilities are relevant to the nominated occupation.
  • Worked hours: Clearly include the total worked hours (Full time or Part time). It must be a minimum of 20 hours per week.
  • Country: Must include the country where employment was undertaken. If you have worked in multiple countries for one company, the employment reference must clearly show the specific dates and corresponding locations where the employment was completed.
  • Company Letterhead and author signature: References must be signed by your employer or a person authorized by your employer. The name, position and contact details of the person making the reference must be clearly included.
  • Certification: Employment reference letter must be certified as a valid copy by authorized notary.

There are few things that you should not include in your reference. Do not include generic job descriptions. References that do not state specific details of duties will be assessed as “Not suitable due to lack of information”. Do not include such activities that are not relevant to your applied occupation. Do not include fake information in your references.

Why do Employment Reference Letter get rejected?

Australian Computer Society requires applicants to submit employment reference letter along with their RPL project report. Work Experience plays a major role in the ACS skill assessment. ACS validates your work experience on the basis of the employment reference letter you provide. So, no matter how much you put an effort in preparing a perfect RPL report for positive skill assessment from ACS, if your employment reference letter doesn’t meet the standard of ACS then your assessment will be a failure.

There are many cases where applicants get positive assessment in their RPL project report but their employment reference letter gets rejected. Some of the major reasons for your employment reference getting rejected are as follows:

  • Unclear dates: If your employment reference does not show the clear indication of the start and end dates of employment then your employment reference will be rejected.
  • Lack of relevant job description: At least 65% of the duties detailed in the employment reference must be relevant to the nominated occupation for the experience to be deemed closely related to the nominated occupation (ANZSCO). Otherwise the reference will be assessed as “Not suitable due to lack of information”.
  • Fraud and plagiarism: Never copy from websites or other resources. Use them for guideline purpose only. And do not include information that are not true. ACS use special plagiarism detection tools to identify plagiarized contents and if they found any traces of plagiarism or fake information in your reference or if the information in your reference could not be verified then your reference will be rejected.
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