What Is RPL Report And Why It Is Required For Australian Immigration?

RPL Report

Recognition of Prior Learning means assessing the ICT knowledge and skills of an individual who does not have enough ICT or even tertiary ICT qualifications. Australian Computer Society(ACS) assesses the skills of non-ICT candidates that are provided to ACS through the RPL Report. The acquired consideration of ICT makes these candidates in control of the practical utilization of academic knowledge. Here candidates can explain their skill set through two project reports that ACS suggests they submit.

That could be done by elaborating on the “Key Areas of Knowledge” section in the RPL form. The ACS has specifically designed this form for candidates whose qualifications do not match the ICT degrees/diplomas awarded in Australian universities but who have a rich professional ICT experience. Candidates who wish to apply through the process can get help from expert RPL Report writers and consult with them about their shortcomings and advantages. The expert writers have years of experience in this field.

The ACS RPL Assessment lets the candidates present their skills and from where they gained these skills. The candidates need to prove that they have the necessary skills in the ICT field equivalent to those acquired in Australia. With the RPL Assessment, the candidates without ICT qualification or even any tertiary qualification get the opportunity to present skills and knowledge they have in the ICT field before migrating to Australia. In the RPL Form, candidates can include the maximum number of areas in which they gained skills to be assessed accordingly.

Candidates who can apply for RPL categories are mentioned below:

  • In the first category, applicants with an appropriate degree but not sufficient related ICT content are displayed in the report form. They need to have experience of 6 years in the nominated ANZSCO Code.
  • In the second category, those candidates who do not have tertiary ICT qualifications need to have extra two years’ work experience, eight years altogether. However, these extra two years of work experience should not be related to your nominated ANZSCO Code.

What Does ACS Demonstrate Through The RPL Report?

As previously mentioned, the assessors use the RPL Report to evaluate your knowledge about the nominated ANZSCO Code. They will look over major areas of knowledge you show and see whether they match your job description. You can create your RPL Application online. A candidate needs to complete the RPL form from the ACS website. This RPL Form will be divided into two categories:

  • Key Areas of Knowledge
  • Project Report Forms

How To Apply for ACS Skill Assessment?

If you are willing to migrate to Australia, you need to note the guidelines provided by ACS. First, you must go through your visa requirements and criteria and check the ANZSCO Code information booklet to see which occupational category best suits your work experience.

After that, you need to fill out the online application form. Even though you do not have enough ICT content in your tertiary qualification, the ACS Skill Assessment will still let you apply if you have six years of related work experience. If you come from a completely unrelated field, you need to have eight years of work experience; however, additional two years of work experience should not be related to the nominated ANZSCO Code. You need to follow the following steps for RPL Skill Assessment in ACS.

  • Get skill assessment done by an authoritative body
  • Prepare for English Language Test
  • Submit EOI
  • Wait for ITA
  • After receiving ITA, get your police clearance certificate and medical done
  • Pay your required visa fee

For RPL Assessment, the applicants need to submit two project reports through the ACS Project Report Form. In one report, you need to include a project report completed in the last five years. In another report, you need to include the project completed in the past three years. For the various parameters for RPL for ACS, you need to consider the following points.

  • The topology of the network with its size and security facilities
  • The various techniques observed during quality assurance and project management
  • The contribution of the candidate to process design and implement them
  • Various techniques used in system analysis and design
  • Different procedures used in file and database design and management
  • The programming languages used and various methodologies used for design paradigms.
  • The execution of internet-based application design and security measures
  • The managerial activities you performed in ICT should give details about the nature of responsibilities

Tips For Writing Perfect ACS RPL Report

As reported by the Australian Computer Society(ACS), you need to write two project reports to prepare a complete RPL for ACS Skills Assessment. The following strategies need to be considered while writing an RPL report.

  • First and foremost, choose your project. Only select a project that lets you showcase your knowledge and skills as outlined in any of the ANZSCO Codes you expect to apply.
  • In your report, state the project details, the name of the project you chose, the company you worked on, and your nominated role in each project.
  • Describe your project’s roles and responsibilities, explain how you implemented your idea.
  • Explain the procedures used in each project’s system analysis and design phase.
  • Show your programming skills by suggesting the names of the programming languages used in the project.
  • To showcase your database management skills, containing all of the database management techniques used in the project.
  • Mention project management and quality assurance techniques used during the project’s development to demonstrate your managerial abilities. Also, mention the project’s security mechanism in detail.
  • Don’t forget to mention the nature and scope of your responsibilities and capabilities related to ICT management.

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