ACS RPL Application and Assessment Process

ACS RPL Application and Assessment Process

Online Application

The Department of Home Affairs has set various guidelines for personal visa requirements. Candidates should go through the rules and regulations before jumping to conclusions. Before submitting an ACS skills assessment, you should hire a registered Migration Agent (MARA) to support you with your visa application. The documents you’ve submitted to the Online Application Form will be used to determine your Migration Skills Assessment.

Documents to be uploaded into the online form

  1. Each employment and qualification detail should be combined all in one PDF document.
  2. Original documents scanned in color (at least 300dpi)
  3. The PDF file uploaded must be a maximum of 3MB
  4. PDF files should not be in encrypted or read-only format
  5. The PDF files are to be uploaded into the Online Application Form

Required Documents

  1. passport matches the name in the application form )
  2. Proof of name change if applicable
  3. A proper title of the degree or award certificate; the name of the University along with its completion date. ( may not be assessed if failed to provide proper evidence)
  4. Degree or award transcript
    1. Grades and marks achieved along with the subject names
    2. If you have a Postgraduate degree, provide documents for the undergraduate qualification
  1. Employment Reference Letters
  2. Evidence of paid employment
  3. Candidates applying for RPL needs to submit ACS online form
  4. Resume and Curriculum Vitae uploaded in the personal documents section
  5. Migration agent authorization form (if applicable)

Track the Application Status

Only Australian visas with a deadline of less than 12 weeks from the date of application are eligible for this type of claim. Candidates must give at least two weeks’ notice prior to the deadline. To get the request approved, proof of the deadline must be submitted as a PDF document.

Priority Request

Following the request, you will receive a confirmation email with your ACS reference number and password. You’ll be able to check the status of your application with these credentials later.

Examples of the document as proof to the ACS:

1. Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) webpage showing the visa expiry date.

2. Visa grant letter issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

The deadline must take place after the ACS skills application has been submitted. Priority requests that do not fall within the visa deadline will be handled as general applications.

Duration of Application Processing Time

According to the ACS’s guidelines, the maximum time for the ACS to process the evaluation is 10 to 12 weeks. If you prepare a decision-ready application with all of the required proofs, it will be processed quickly.

ACS RPL Application and Assessment Process

Assessment Process

If your professional credentials and job experience are at the ICT standard, you can pass the ACS migration skills assessment. For migration purposes, it must be closely linked to the appointive occupation (ANZSCO).

Requirements, course units, employment episodes are assessed to determine if it is considered an ICT professional unit or not. This assessment outcome can confirm if the qualification may be a Major, Minor, or if the ICT content is insufficient.

Only the occupation closely related to the ICT units is assessed.

Determines the amount of work experience required to meet the suitability criteria

Employment episodes are also evaluated to determine if they are related to the nominated occupation.

Assessment Outcome

The final results are issued via email in PDF format. If the result has a positive outcome, it can be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs as proof of the skills assessment. If the result has a negative outcome, it will provide the reasons why the application wasn’t approved.

Renewals and Re-application

The ACS doesn’t provide renewals of the result letter. Candidates must submit a new application by logging into the dashboard area.

Translation of Documents

Documents written in a language other than English must be translated.

  1. Translating documents within Australia

The translation must be retrieved from translators accredited with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI)

2. Translating documents outside Australia

The translation must be obtained from:

A Ministry of Justice or equivalent in the country

The Australian Education International Section (AEIS) at an Australian Diplomatic Mission

Australian High Commission, Consulate or Embassy

Private and Commercial Translators

The Awarding Institution

The overseas translation should include an official stamp, name of the translator, signature, and contact information. The contact information of the translator must be genuine for the ACS to verify the translated documents.

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