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ACS Skills Assessment Processing Time

ACS Skills Assessment Processing Time

The Department of Home Affairs has set various guidelines for personal visa requirements. Candidates should go through the rules and regulations before jumping to conclusions. Before submitting an ACS skills assessment, you should hire a registered Migration Agent (MARA) to support you with your visa application. The documents you’ve submitted to the Online Application Form will be used to determine your Migration Skills Assessment.

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) will assess the educational qualifications, skills, and knowledge of the applied candidate following the criteria of the ICT sector in the RPL report for non-ICT applicants.

This assessment is entirely based on the applicant’s expertise gained during his or her time working in the relevant area, and it is linked to the profession, ANZSCO for immigration to Australia.

The applying candidates must submit a series of documents along with a filled form of RPL to the Australian Computer Society (ACS). The documents provided by the candidates are up to ACS requirements then the ACS will accept them. Most candidates who go through this process say that ACS is a strong and fast working authority in the world.

Reassessment of Application

Priority Processing

Priority Processing is available only for those candidates who require a Full Skills Assessment for General Professional occupations, including 485 Visa Applications. Renewing candidates with previous full skills assessments are not eligible to apply for a priority processing application under the same occupation previously evaluated.

The priority processing service provides candidates or agents with the option to fast-track the assessment of their application with some extra additional charge. Candidates eligible for priority processing are assessed in 10 business days, following which an assessment outcome letter is made available to download within 48 hours. 

However, 10 Business days will start after DHA or VETASSESS confirmed that the application meets the eligibility criteria for priority processing; and fee payment, including the related GST, is received. 

VETASSESS needs two business days for receipt of an application and them for suitability. A status update will be given to the candidates through email once this process is completed.

Applications that are verified as eligible will be evaluated within ten business days. For candidates that do not meet the Eligibility Criteria that cannot be assessed the nominated timeframe, then Priority Processing Fee will be refunded.

How to apply for ACS Skill Assessment Priority Processing? 

To be eligible for priority processing, applicants need to meet the eligibility criteria. Applicants need to lodge online and cost $600 excluding GST. Priority Processing is not available for paper-based applicants.

But before applying, don’t forget to check VETASSESS’s official website to confirm eligibility to apply for Priority Processing and make sure you understand all the application processes. Once you reach the fee and payment section, then you can choose the supremacy processing.

Once an application is submitted, no extra time is required to upload the provided documents. Do not forget to ensure gathered all the requirements and understood the eligibility criteria for priority processing before applying.

However, a priority processing service is available with an additional charge for a limited number of applicants. It is also a matter of strict eligibility criteria, including that the application is made for full skills assessment with all the required documents submitted and payment paid online at the time of applying. 

When VETASSESS accepts an application for the Priority Processing Service, unless any circumstances beyond VETASSESS control delay the assessment, Vetassess declares completing the skills assessment within ten business days. For the full complete application, you need to provide all the required information and payment. It is the applicant’s responsibility to know about the application eligibility criteria, skills assessment requirements, and the related document checklist on the VETASSESS official website.  

VETASSESS will not be responsible for any loss endured by an applicant whose skill assessment application is delayed by their failure to follow any requirements of the Priority Processing Service, including the submission of incomplete documentation.

If the applicants do not meet the priority processing eligibility criteria, they will be assessed with usual service timelines. In these cases, the priority processing service fee will be refunded less than the $100 administration fee to the applicant.

Renewal of Full Skills Assessment

Suppose you have received a successful skills assessment previously and would like to re-assess for several reasons, including adding newly acquired qualifications or employments positions previously not assessed. In that case, you may be eligible to apply for renewable applications with VETASSES. 

The renewable application involves a re-assessment of the original successful skills assessment result with additional qualifications or employments to be considered, including Point Test Purposes or Renewing the expiry date with or without supplementary qualification or employment

To settle the renewal application requirements, it must establish the currency of the skills held against the latest criteria of your related occupation when applying for the renewable application and involve more than just checking whether you have recently worked in your nominated occupation or not.

Do not forget to note your responsibility. The applicant needs to confirm with the Department of Home Affairs whether or not renew skills assessment outcome is required for the intended visa application.

The validity of a positive full skills assessment result is usually three years from the original issue date. Once your skills assessment outcome letter has expired, then there is no option for renewable. But, if you need a renew of your skills assessment, you need to contact the respective authorities before it expires. You need to submit a skills assessment Application online via Online Application Portal by logging into your Dashboard.  

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for a Renewable Application

Applicants who have positive skills assessment in their nominated occupation completed within the last three years are eligible for renewable application online.

If you apply after the three-year time limit, you need to submit a new application and pay the full fees. To apply for a renewal application.

  1. Get the ‘Completed Cases’ Section of your Online Application Portal and Submit the renewable online
  2. But this choice is not available for Priority Processing 

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