ACS Skills Assessment Processing Time

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ACS Skills Assessment Processing Time

ACS Skills Assessment Processing Time

What is ACS Australia?

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) will assess the educational qualifications, skills, and knowledge of the applied candidate in accordance with the criteria of the ICT sector in the RPL report for non-ICT applicants.

This assessment is entirely based on the applicant’s expertise gained during his or her time working in the relevant area, and it is linked to the profession, ANZSCO for immigration to Australia.

The applying candidates must submit a series of documents along with a filled form of RPL to Australian Computer Society (ACS) . The documents provided by the candidates are up to ACS requirements then the ACS will accept it. Most candidates who go through this process say that ACS is a strong and fast working authority in the world.


In most cases, skill assessments should adhere to all of the ACS guidelines. The processing period for the RPL is four weeks after it is submitted to ACS, but due to the various documents submitted by the applicant, the ACS Skills Assessment Processing Time would take its time to go through each document.

That means an evaluation report from ACS will take up to 10-12 weeks longer than usual. The RPL report is made up of a number of documents, including personal information, certified qualifications, a resume, key areas of knowledge, project reports, and so on.

It will take a long time to complete the skill assessment section. The ACS assessment report for the applicant will take 10-12 weeks to produce since the ACS bodies must go through documents by checking their sources, analyzing project papers, and gaining knowledge through relevant work experience.

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