Why Target Regional areas of Australia?

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Why Target | Regional areas of Australia?

Why Target Regional areas of Australia

What are the regional areas of Australia? 

The Department of Home affairs has categorized parts of Australia into three groups to make it easier for international students to understand the new addition to the regional area put into effect from November 2019. 

  1. Major cities

Some of the major cities in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. These are overly crowded centre points of the country. Due to overpopulation, the government decided on distributing the population evenly to the regional part of the country. 

  1. Cities and Major Regional Centres

This area includes Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Wollongong, Illawarra, Geelong, Hobart, etc. Oversea students applying for this area is suitable for a year of post-work Visa even after their studies completion. 

  1. Regional Areas and Other Regional Centres

This area includes all other locations other than the major cities and major regional centres. Oversea students applying for this area is suitable for an additional two-year post-work Visa even after the completion of their course.

Target Regional areas for maximum points

Australia has seen an immense increase in its population, mainly in the capital cities. One of the main reason is immigrants. Yearly many students from overseas migrate here for their further studies and remain in the country for a work opportunity. This very reason has overly populated the significant cities, including Sydney, Melbourne. 

It has lead to several problems in finding employment opportunities. The minister of the population has directed the new incoming immigrants to the regional areas of Australia. There needs to be growth in the regional areas as well. It can be done by distributing the immigration population evenly over the regional places. It will provide opportunities for immigrants along with the development of that area. 

Some of the regional areas of Australia includes Perth, Gold Coast, Darwin, Tasmania, Adelaide, etc. 

There are various renowned universities located here in the regional area so that you don’t miss any chance. 

Benefits of living in regional areas of Australia

Earn Points for PR

Living in the regional areas of Australia will benefit you in many ways. One of the many reasons includes your chance of earning extra 5 points. This five-point can prove to be of great importance while applying for your permanent residency. Greater the points you earn higher will be the chance for you to achieve your PR goals. 

Post Study Work Visa

Another benefit of staying in a regional area includes post-work-study visa. This Visa has been made official by the Australian government for those oversea students studying in the regional area. They will be provided with an extra year of post-study work after the completion of their course. This Visa will allow them to work on full time even after they have completed their studies. 

Scholarship schemes

There are various scholarship schemes provided by universities and the government itself to attract international students in regional areas. You need to properly research on how to apply for these schemes and get benefits from it. Before choosing a course you want to study, you might as well enquire about its scholarship availability. You will need to provide genuine documentation to validate your scholarship reason. You can also contact your agent regarding the scholarship process and check if you meet the criteria as mentioned. 

Cost of living

There is a great difference between regional and cities areas living expenses. 

The city area is usually expensive and crowded with people. The rent one pays in the city area can go upto $2644.73 per month whereas, in a regional area like Gold Coast, rent per month is $1883.33 for a one-bedroom apartment. 

Relaxed lifestyle

Regional areas are usually less crowded and therefore has less workload as compared to the busiest crowded cities. Just because the area is termed as regional doesn’t mean it is not developed. Regional areas are too well developed with most of the basic facilities available 24/7. You can enjoy a relaxed way of lifestyle away from the hustle of the big crowded city.


With a lesser number of people residing in the regional part of Australia, it will be easier for people to create a bond between them. It will help them settle in the neighbourhood easily. It also benefits students as they will be able to contact their teacher easily without any hesitant. They can catch up with their friends without having to look for holidays.


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