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ACS Skill Assessment Processing Time in 2021

ACS Skills Assessment Time Processing

One can expect a faster processing time for ACS Skill Assessment in 2021 for Australian PR. For IT Professionals applying for Australian PR under subclass 189,190, or 491. It is important to confirm your related ANZSCO Code as your work and education qualification and work experiences. For Australian PR, you need to score at least 60 points currently.

 Once you choose the right occupation per the ACS Skill Assessment, the processing time of ACS can be reduced by keeping in mind the ACS guidelines. More ACS Skill Assessment processing time in 2021 can be expected to get extended if you could not justify the information you have provided and asked to provide additional documents, and processing time will stretch largely.   

Similarly, the Australian Computer Society(ACS)is the authorized assessing authority that assesses the skills, knowledge, and expertise of ICT, non-ICT, or tertiary qualification at the same time. Skills Assessment is required for the skilled migration for the international immigrant, and Australian PR Applicants need to select skill evaluating body for faster processing time. 

ICT Professionals willing to migrate to Australia need to submit CDR or RPL Report to ACS or Engineers Australia for Australian PR in 2021. It is necessary to have all the documents as per the ACS Skills Assessment document checklist.

Ensure following documents for faster processing time in 2021 for ACS Skill Assessment.

1.Personal Documents

Ensure you provide colored scanned copies of your passport-only identity pages that show your name, address, and other documents. In case of a name change, if you have changed your name, provide proper documentation suggesting a name change in case of a name change.

2. Curriculum Vitae

It is another important document required for Skill Assessment in 2021. Make sure you provide complete information of your academic qualification and work experience along with correct timing. You need to mention the roles and responsibilities gained specification you hold. This assures your skill assessment can be done as per the Australian Skill labels. In case of any difficulty in the information, one needs to wait a longer processing time as your information was insufficient for the skill assessment.

3. Qualification Documents

Professional qualification posts like diploma, bachelor, master, and any other degrees need to provide scanned copies of the transcript, mark sheet, and any other certification. You need to mention the degree and title you completed, the university or college from the degree, due dates for the degree completion, marks, and grades for each subject or unit you covered. You need to provide the entire information in your application form:

  • Degree or Title
  • University from you granted degree
  • Degree Completion Date
  • Course information along with marks and grades

4. Work Experience

It is another important criterion for accepting a faster processing time. Before submitting your RPL Report to ACS, make sure you cover all the work experiences. Include official payments like salary slips, appointment letters, offer letters, along with your roles and responsibilities and other official activities. Also, mention your average working hours, location of work, and contact information. While preparing documents for work experience, you need to mention the following details:

  • The start and end date of employment need to be mentioned in the career experience. If you are still working in the company, you need to include to date.
  • Include all the roles and responsibilities you performed while in the position.
  • Average working hours per week need to be mentioned as a part-time or full-time employee.
  • Place of work you worked need to be mentioned.
  • Company letterhead, title of the position, address, signed by the supervisor or senior, and company information.
  • Salary Statement
ACS Skills Assessment fee for different visas

5. Third-Party Statutory Declaration

If you are taking service from others, you need to provide information regarding the working arrangement and environment. Make sure you provide the following documents while filling your ACS Skill Assessment online Form:

PDF Files: All your records and documents need to be mentioned in a single PDF File with detailed information about qualifications and work experience. The file or documents should not be more than 3MB. 

Upload of Original Documents: Documents like transcripts, licenses, passports, resume, and other documents need to be uploaded in colored scanned copies with a resolution of at least 300dpi.

If you do not provide all the documents, then ACS will ask for additional documents. In such cases, rename the folder you have previously submitted. If you provide a document other than the English language, you need to translate it into English from an accredited English Authority. Original and translated, both copies need to be sent together to ACS.

6. Validity of ACS Skills Assessment

The ACS Skill Assessment is valid for a minimum of 24 months period from the date of issue. And, takes about 5-8 weeks for skill assessment processing. However, if you need to provide additional documents, it is not sure how long it takes to process your documents by ACS and the decision to be taken. It is best to consult and service provider instead of wasting your time and money by doing it yourself. ACSRPLAustralia is the best service provider in RPL Report Writing, Skill Assessment, and other skilled visa-related issues for Australian Immigration.

Cost of ACS Skill Assessment

For the general application, it cost AUD 500. For the RPL Assessment, ACS charges AUD 550, and for reviewing and engaging the application status, it charges AUD 395. 

Documents required for ACS Skill Assessment for Australian PR

Ensure you meet all the required criteria set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection before submitting your migration skill assessment for Australian PR. Here are the document lists you need to submit for skill assessment for Australian PR through ACS:

  • Copy of birth certificate or passport.
  • If you are married and your name has been changed, you need to provide a certified copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Certified copy of your academic transcript and award certificate or completion letter for Australian qualification
  • A valid copy of employment reference letter or third-party statutory declarations.
  • To recognize the prior learning(RPL)Application, you need to submit an ACS recognition of prior learning Form.
  • Along with the documents, applicants need to submit a Curriculum Vitae or Resume as per the ACS guidelines.

Hence, you need to mention all these documents for claiming Australian PR and also required for ACS Skill Assessment. To get PR points, you need to meet a minimum of 65 points for visa acceptance.

Cost for ACS Skill Assessment

The cost for ACS Skill Assessment is different for different visa types. Here is the list of different visa types with its cost.

  • Temporary Graduate Visa- Skills Assessment fee AUD 475
  • Post Australian Study Visa- Skills Assessment fee AUD 500
  • Skills Visa(General Application)- AUD 500
  • Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL)- AUD 550
  • Review Application- AUD 395
  • Appeal Application-AUD395

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