Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants

skills assessment guidelines

Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the evaluating Authority, professional association, or body to represent Australia’s ICT Sector. ACS provides authoritative, independent knowledge and technology intuitions, building-related technology capacity, and capability that produces Australian innovation and speeds technology adoption for the well-being of commerce, government, and society.

ACS evaluates proposed migrant ICT Professionals under the power of the Australian Government, ensuring applicants meet related evaluating authority standards needed for employment in Australia in a nominated field.

ACS also evaluates ICT skills occupations that need to in listed in the eligible skilled occupations(MSLT). The ACS is ruled by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection by Regulation. The Regulations provide the Authority for the ACS to discover its discretion, the standards upon which a person’s skills are assessed as being suitable for the nominated profession.

ACS Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants

Guidelines of ACS describe the eligibility criteria and requirements in applying for a skills assessment program. But they do not provide any information about migration or visa requirements, and questions regarding visas and migration will be directed to the Department of Home Affairs.

Ethical standards Australian ICT professionals are assumed to meet ethical standards set by the ACS Code of Ethics. Documentation fraud, plagiarism, or misrepresentation of skills or knowledge will lead to the rejection of skill assessment. In such a case, the results will be recorded as unsuitable, and the applicant will be banned for 12 months if reapplying is done, and the fee will not be refunded.

ACS uses various means to verify or prove applicants’ claims, and the documents will proceed with an assessment once the reliability of applicants is established. Information submitted by a candidate to the ACS may be shared with the Australian Government to maintain standards and integrity of the skill assessment and migration processes.

ACS has its privacy and policy for the skills assessment of those willing to migrate to Australia. Applicants can use a migration agent to submit an ICT skills assessment on their behalf. This is the option for the applicant, and you can find the Migration Agents Registration Authority(MARA).

Current fees and payment assessment fees for applicants are available on the official website of ACS. You need to apply, but for this, you need to make payment via Credit Card like Visa Card, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal.

Fees include the assessment of 8 assessment episodes per application. Assessment episodes can either be qualification or employment documentation. For instance, you can submit three qualifications and five employment episodes or eight employment episodes in total or any combination of any at all. A $50 will be charged for any additional qualification or employment episodes.

The ACS will recommend unsuitable applications, which can be rectified by a change in the nominated ANZSCO Code or skills. Recommendations are not necessary, and applicants can select to accept or reject any recommendation. If the recommendation is accepted, the applicant needs to pay an additional $200 fee. Don’t forget that a change in application type recommendation does not guarantee the best outcome, and fees are not refundable after the formal assessment has been completed.

Making an Online Application

Ensure you understand the details of visa requirements as set by the Department of Home Affairs or list the services of a registered Migration Agent (MARA) to support you with your visa application before submitting an ACS Skills Assessment. Your migration skill assessment is based on your documentation uploaded into the Online Application Form. So list your documents as per the ACS skills assessment guidelines.

Your Migration Skills Assessment will be judged based on the documentation you upload into the Online Application Form, so upload the documents per the ACS guidelines and requirements. Here is the document checklist you need to include in the Online Application Form.

  • Combine all pages into one PDF document for each qualification and employment entry
  • Scan all documents in high-quality color documents at least 300dpi.
  • The maximum limit of a PDF document is 3MB.
  • Make sure that your documents are not encrypted or read-only.
  • Make sure you upload all your documents into the Online Application Form.
  • If you include digital signatures, ensure it must be verified documents like passport applicants passport the first page only. Also, make sure the name you included in the applicant details matches the passport details.
  • Proof of name change, if any.
  • Degree or Award Certificate like name of the university or awarding institution, Date the degree or award was completed as the qualification will be assessed as NOT suitable if no documentary evidence that the degree has been completed or awarded.
  • If you have Post Graduate Degree provide documents for the undergraduate degree too in chronological order
  • Employment references
  • Proof of Paid employment
  • If you apply for the recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application, you must submit the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application Form.
  • Resume/ Curriculum Vitae needs to be uploaded in the documents section.
  • Migration Agent Authorization Form (if applicable)

Your skill assessment application needs to be decision-ready before you submit an online application with the necessary documentation to ensure your application can be evaluated as efficiently as possible. ACS is not restricted to ask for any other documents. If you miss submitting any documents will delay the processing of your application results and might result in unnecessary outcomes.

The applicant’s responsibility is to ensure the data entered into the online application form is correct and represents your personal information, qualifications, and employment. You need to confirm your application status online with a valid email address. This will contain your ACS reference number, password instruction to check your application progress online.

Priority Request/Fast-track Skill Assessment

The priority request is given to an Australian visa with deadlines less than 12 weeks from the date of application. Applicants need to provide at least two weeks’ notice of the deadline. Proof of the visa deadline needs to be uploaded as a PDF document to have the request approved.

Sample documents need to be uploaded as proof, like the visa entitlement verification online(VEVO)webpage showing the visa expiry date and visa grant letter issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

It is the choice of ACS to approve a priority request on the deadline criteria. All priority requests that are NOT for a visa deadline will be processed as general applications.

The priority processing service allows applicants the option for fast-track skill assessment. If the candidates are eligible for Priority Processing, they are evaluated within ten business days, and the assessment outcome letter is made available to download within 48 hours.

The application that is approved as eligible will be assessed within ten business days. The priority processing fee will be refunded for applicants who meet the eligibility criteria or eligible applications that cannot be assessed in the nominated timespan.

The migration Skills Assessment(MSA) Application can take a long time to process. But, you can request to fast-track your application to an assessor for processing within 20 working days.

ACS Skill Assessment Processing Time

Application Processing Time refers to the time taken by assessors to evaluate the applicant’s skills, qualifications, and experience. Processing starts as soon as documents are uploaded in the RPL Form. Make your document decision read so that you don’t need to provide additional documents or information.

ACS migration skill assessment will assess your documents based on the following criteria:

  • If your educational qualifications or work experience are related to your ICT level and closely related to the specified occupation or ANZSCO Code for migration purposes
  • Your qualifications are evaluated to resolve the AQF comparability using Australian national education standards. The course units are evaluated to prepare if it is acknowledged as an ICT professional unit or not. Each unit is assessed to determine if your qualification is a Major, Minor, or ICT content is Insufficient.
  • You will be assessed to the closely related nominated occupation list.
  • It would help if you met the suitability criteria once your qualification was assessed.
  • Your employment episodes are evaluated to determine if they are considered closely related to your nominated occupation.

Translation of documents

You need to translate all your documents into English. Also, both the translated and original documents need to submit to ACS for Skills Assessment. Translating documents within Australia may be required National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters(NAATI). However, translating documents outside Australia must be done as per justice or equivalent in the country.

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