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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is meant to assess the ICT Skills of an individual who does not come from an ICT background or even tertiary ICT qualifications. Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the one that assesses the candidates based on experience that such non-ICT Candidates bring. It helps the ACS consider their qualification for ICT roles without a degree or some un-related work. They have to elaborate on their working experience.

This section is specifically designed for ACS Candidates whose qualifications do not match up the ICT Degrees but have enough professional ICT experience. This acquired knowledge of ICT makes these candidates in control of the practical application of theoretical knowledge. They can skill their skill using two project reports that the ACS asks them to submit. This can be submitted by elaborating the “Key Areas of Knowledge” section in the RPL Form.

Here are the two categories for RPL. They are:

  • In the first category, all those applicants who have the relevant degree but not enough relevant ICT content to show in the Report Form come. These applicants need to have a six-year of ICT-relevant role in a professional organization, and the field of employment needs to be nominated discipline’s ANZSCO Code.
  • In the second category, all those candidates can apply who do not have even tertiary qualifications. Such applicants need to show additional 2 years of work experience, taking it to a total of 8 years of work experience. However, these extra two years of employment may not be relevant to the concerned ANZSCO Code.

How to apply for ACS Skill Assessment?

If you are a candidate willing to migrate to Australia, you need to apply for skilled migration following guidelines set by ACS. First, you need to check the ANZSCO Code to see which occupational category your work experience is closely related to. You also need to go through personal visa requirements. Then, you need to fill the online application form on the official site of ACS.

Even if you have insufficient ICT qualifications in your tertiary qualification, you can apply for ACS Skill Assessment if you have six years of related work experience. If you don’t have any tertiary qualification, you need to submit RPL Report with 8 years of work experience in any field. You need to follow the steps while applying for skills assessment in ACS immigration to Australia.

  • Get skill assessment approved by ACS
  • Prepare for English proficiency tests like PTE, IELTS
  • Submit Expression of Interest(EOI)
  • Wait for ITA
  • Get your Police Clearance Certificate and Medical Done
  • Pay your Visa Fee

Preparing and Writing your Own RPL Report

You can prepare yourself for RPL Application by yourself. An applicant has to fill the RPL Form, and it is readily available on the ACS website. The RPL Section contains 2 sections:

Key Areas of Knowledge

Required core ICT Knowledge constitutes topics every ICT Professional needs to possess. Tne critical areas of knowledge are divided into two sections:

  1. ICT Professional Knowledge
  2. ICT Problem-Solving Skill

ICT Knowledge includes the following topics industries:

Project Report Forms

Fill these sections with your Career highlights. Since you don’t have enough ICT qualifications, try to include contents that show your capabilities in ICT work. You can take references of RPL Samples readily available online. It would help if you observed samples approved by ACS before preparing for RPL Application. ACS follows a strict anti-plagiarism rule. So, do not try to copy anything available on the Internet.

Applicants need to submit two project reports in the RPL Report. These projects show how the candidate performed as an ICT Professional.

Candidates have to submit two project reports in the RPL report.

These project reports need to reflect how the applicant performed as an ICT Professional in their job. In this Report, candidates have to show they achieved the critical area of knowledge in ICT. The length of this Report is only 4 to 5 pages only.

In the Report, candidates need to include the System Analysis and design, network implementation, methodology, ICT Managerial Activities about the related project completed in the past 3 to 5 years. ACS provides all the necessary formats and guidelines for the project.

Component of the Project Report

The project report needs to include the following details:

Components of RPL Report

  • Identification
  • Project Duration
  • Resources Used
  • Personnel Involvement
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Solutions: Design and analysis of problem-solving method
  • Results: Overall Success and learning from the project
  • Recommendations

How to write RPL Project that gets positively assessed by ACS Assessment?

The RPL explains professional work experience related to the ICT-related discipline and needs to be submitted by those engineers who don’t have the prerequisite ICT qualifications or even tertiary. If you are a non-ICT applicant, you can apply for a skilled migration visa.

As you specify the Key Areas of Knowledge you have collected through your work experience, you need to further explain the same through the Project Report Form. After, you can substitute your claims about having those critical areas of knowledge through practical work experience. You need to make sure to include the following aspects in your project reports. They are:

  • Including the network topology like size, distribution, and security facilities
  • Database design, file management
  • Project Management techniques
  • System design and analysis, and implementation methodology
  • Database interactivity measures implemented, internet design
  • Explain the ICT managerial activities and describe the extent and nature of responsibilities

RPL Report for positive skill Assessment

Tips to prepare an excellent RPL Report for ACS Australia

  • Classify and prepare the Area of Knowledge topic that you have selected to explain by entering the name of the Area of Knowledge topic in the box.
  • Describe, in the stretchable typing area, how you have acquired the knowledge and illustrate the depth of that knowledge and skill
  • No need to address all topics included in the Area of Knowledge in your explanation. Address a minimum of two subtopics and enter the subtopic name(s) in the box.
  • Do not elaborate unnecessarily; instead, be clear and concise in your explanation.
  • Limit each explanation to no more than one or two pages. The candidates need to demonstrate how they acquired their ICT knowledge and submit 2 Project Reports within an RPL Application-ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form.
  • A thorough description of career episode with enough detail of proof in applying the claimed ICT knowledge in a working situation
  • The volume of the claimed ICT knowledge gained during the ICT working period
  • Strict the Plagiarized work.
  • Provide project performed within the last 3 years and another project over the previous 5 years.

ACS uses robust Software for plagiarism detection. So don’t copy anything from the Internet. They are only for references.

Are you seeking professional help?

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