Key considerations in Employment Reference Letter for ACS Skill Assessment

Employment Reference Letter

RPL ACS skill assessments include an employment reference letter It is a medium that allows you to describe your professional journey in detail. ACS will be more convenient in evaluating your competency if you provide a more detailed description of your professional life. Your employment reference letter can present the assessing authority with every detail of your professional life. You should pay considerable attention to this application for a positive ACS skill assessment. In this way, the management can properly assess you and help you write your professional life systematically and perfectly.

Most candidates mistake not giving the employment reference letter the attention it deserves. This becomes a hindrance for them to get into Australia and work there as an ICT professional.

Things To Consider In Employment Reference Letter

After evaluating hundreds of ACS RPL reports, we have found some errors, and some precautions can be taken to avoid these errors. We have written this article to familiarize you with the key points in writing an employment reference letter for the ACS skill assessment. Make sure you read each issue one by one to get a clear understanding.

Date format in DD/MM/YY

In a reference letter for employment, the date is formatted standardly. DD/MM/YY means data first, month in the middle, and year in the last. So, don’t forget this point.

You must show your work experience in this format, mentioning your start and end dates. If you are currently employed, you should write ‘To date.’ That date will be the maximum date of the work experience when writing the reference letter.

Mention The Tasks You Were Assigned

If you want to impress the ACS authority, mention as many employment tasks as possible in your employment reference letter. It is important to remember that the task you choose must be relevant to the ANZSCO occupation list job you selected. It must demonstrate your competency in the position you have chosen.

A minimum of 65% of your job description of the assigned task must be relevant to the chosen job role. Please describe the study in detail for assessment. You will prepare an incorrect RPL report if you demonstrate carelessness or mistakes here.

If you have worked as a specialist in ICT Security 262112, then among all the other responsibilities you have, the following are the most important ones:

Maintain and design database architecture, data structures, dictionaries, tables, and naming conventions to ensure all data master files are accurate and complete.

Backups, recovery procedures, and integrity and security controls must be established and maintained operationally.

Implement and administer database documentation, policies, guidelines, and procedures.

Database systems and upgrades should be verified as per the proper quality testing procedures and scripts, including debugging, reproduction, logging, tracking, and addressing every problem.

System security and disaster recovery planning require you to manage processes, operational management, and procedures.

Work with security vendors, service providers, suppliers, and external sources, analyze, recommend, install, and maintain software security apps, and monitor contractual obligations, performance delivery, and service level agreements.

Diagnose, solve, and repair software and hardware malfunctions on servers, including communications infrastructure and workstations.

Avoid Showing Concurrent Employment

In addition to diagnosing, solving, and repairing server-related software and hardware malfunctions, you must also not be accepted by the ANZSCO authority, and they will not deem your employment as ‘Skilled employment.’ This experience will be considered ‘Concurrent employment’ in your ACS skill assessment.

Write The Specified Information

In addition to diagnosing, solving, and repairing server-related software and hardware malfunctions, you must also support proper and detailed information about your skills and performance level in your professional field is a must. Diagnose, solve, and repair software and hardware malfunctions on servers, including communications

Proper Signatures

Unless your employer signs your employment reference letter, it is invalid. You must have your RPL report signed as proof of its authenticity. It means that the employer or employment authority has authenticated the information provided in the report. We believe you have already understood the significance of the signature in such official reports or documents.

It’s important to read the report carefully before it’s signed by the authority to ensure that your name, contact details, reference and designation, and the officer’s role signing it are all included.

Get it Verified

Certification of an employment reference letter for its value and authenticity is a must for candidates, and your letter must be notarized.

You will be rejected for submitting an RPL report without certification. It is an important factor to consider since the certificate of your employment reference letter will be considered when assessing your ability.

Be Honest About Your Work Experience.

Do not attempt to impress or win the heart of the authority through fraudulent means. The RPL ACS skill evaluation authority has enough experience to recognize the difference between a genuine and fake employment reference letter, which will help them uncover your fraud.

Even though you can find hundreds of online references, do not copy someone else’s work experience and relevant attributes. You should present a real report to the authority to explain your true professional abilities, work performance level, and level of expertise.

Highlight Your Plus Points

You must highlight your plus points in your skills and performances. It doesn’t matter how qualified you are as an ICT engineer, and you have to prove your competency by providing a reference letter. Your strong points can work wonders when it comes to assessing your qualifications. It would help if you showed efficiency and expertise in your work to win this war, so these two positive qualities must be demonstrated.

Mention Work Hours And Job Location

You must mention in every job record the number of hours you worked per week, regardless of whether you worked full- or part-time. ACS authority evaluates your qualifications and potential for the expected position based on your invested time.

You should also mention the country in which you worked, and you must note the location of every company where you worked. Comparing the country’s operating environment to the Australian ICT field environment will help the authority determine your capability. You will also find out if you can adjust to the Australian atmosphere by taking the RPL ACS skill assessment.

Additionally, you must submit a letterhead signed by an official with authority from your organization. Digital signatures have to be accepted and verifiable.

Why Choose ACSRPLAustralia?

Don’t let your ego get in the way of writing a critical report. It does not matter how many official words you have registered or submitted. ACS RPL report writing is completely different from those noted. Employment reference letters must be systematically arranged and written. Unless you have experience in RPL writing, you should hire an ACS RPL writing specialist.

The experts know that writing this report will put pressure on them and they work hard for the best result. A balanced presentation of your work experience will sound natural to the authority. Upon finding that the report lacks quality, the expert also checks, proofreads, and edits it.

Their expertise, ability to stay up to date on the latest updates, and professional skills allow them to write an excellent ACS RPL report and employment reference letter.

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