ACS skill assessment checklist for RPL Report Writing

You want to apply for an ACS Skill Assessment, but you’re confused about the procedure and requirements for ACS.

ICT professionals must pass a skill assessment test given by the Australian Computer Society in order to immigrate to Australia and work in the information and communication technology industry.

Based on your skill, abilities, experience, and knowledge, the ACS examines the application. In Australia, the ICT and engineering industries are in need of highly skilled employees. The ACS must therefore thoroughly assess the applications. In the meantime, it is essential for the candidate to provide accurate and proper detail in the RPL report. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend each ACS skill assessment guideline.

Here we have mentioned all the ACS skill assessment checklists required to obtain an ACS skill assessment.

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ACS Skill Assessment Checklist for Australian Computer Society(ACS)

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has been recognized by the Ministry of Immigration as the authorized accessing authority with the responsibility of identifying talented individuals who are willing to immigrate to Australia as skilled ICT Professionals.

The primary objective of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) is to identify candidates from the ICT sector through skill evaluation who have the necessary abilities, knowledge, and skills to immigrate to Australia as qualified ICT professionals.

The ANZSCO code they choose must be used as the basis for writing RPL reports in the field. Candidates must select the appropriate ANZSCO code for which they are eligible.

1. Understand the Visa Requirements

If you’re unsure, you should ask experienced agents for assistance. You can choose the visa option that best suits you from those that the department of home affairs.

2. Understand the Australian computer society requirements

To better understand the requirements for qualification and the skill assessment standards, we advise you to carefully study the Australian Computer Society requirement-issued rule.

3. Understand the ACS application type

After thoroughly understanding the ACS criteria, you must select the ANZSCO code that best describes the occupation for which you are seeking.

4. Existing Applicants

Before applying for another ACS application, you must first log into your account that is kept at the ACS forum if you have already submitted your ACS form.

Helpful tips for applicants who want to migrate to Australia.

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Eligible criteria for ACS skill assessment

Depending on your level of education and work experience, you may be eligible for different positions.

1. Temporary Graduates

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in ICT, and who work in an area that is related to your profession The field does not require prior employment experience.

2. Post Australian Study Skills Assessment

Candidate with a bachelor’s degree or higher in ICT with a specialization that is directly connected to your proposed employment. Additionally, the candidate must have completed the ACS Professional Year Program or have at least one year of work experience.

3. General Skill Assessment

Candidates who have a tertiary ICT degree and a job can take a general skill assessment.

3.1 ICT Major

Candidates must demonstrate two years of relevant work experience within the last ten years or four years of relevant work experience from any point in their past employment history if they have a bachelor’s degree or higher and the degree is closely related to the nominated occupation.

Candidates must demonstrate 4 years of relevant work experience that was acquired at any time in their previous employment history if they hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and their degree is not closely related to the nominated occupation.

Candidates must have either six years of relevant work experience completed at any point in their past employment history or five years of relevant work experience completed within the last ten years if they have a diploma, advanced degree, or associate degree that is closely related to their nominated occupation.

Candidates who have earned a certificate, an advanced degree, or an associate degree but whose field of study is not directly related to their chosen profession must also have accrued six years of relevant work experience at any point in their past employment.

3.2 ICT Minor

Applicants must have either 6 years of relevant work experience that was completed at any time during their previous job history or 5 years of relevant work experience that was completed within the last 10 years if they have a bachelor’s degree or higher and the degree is closely related to the nominated occupation.

Candidates who have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher and whose field of study is not directly related to their chosen profession must also have accrued six years of relevant work experience.

4. Recognition Prior Learning

Candidates who have a tertiary degree but an inadequate or non-ICT degree will need to complete 6 years of relevant work experience at any point in their employment history and submit the highest quality RPL report in order to meet the requirements.

Candidates who do not possess a recognised tertiary degree must also submit an RPL application of the best quality and eight years of work experience in order to be evaluated.

Document Checklist for ACS Skill Assessment

ACS skill assessment checklist

1. Personal documents

1.1 Passport or Birth Certificates

The ACS must need color scans of the document from applicants, you must present the passport page with your name, address, and other identifying details in the color scan form.

1.2 Evidence of Name Change Document

Send a clear, colour scan of the document if you’ve just changed your name.

1.3 Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

In accordance with ACS guidelines, you must attach your curriculum vitae to your personal section of the application forms.

2. Qualification Documents

2.1 Academic Qualification

For your Australian Qualification, you need to provide a clear color scan of your academic transcript as well as an award certificate or completion record. If you have added a master’s qualification, you also have to submit a bachelor’s qualification too. You have to provide the following details in your qualification documents.

  1. Title/ Degree in Education.
  2. The name of the University where the degree was awarded.
  3. The completion date of the college degree.
  4. List of course details along with mark/grade earned for each unit or subject.

2.2 Vendor Qualification

Applicants need to provide the vendor login details for authentication purposes to qualify as a Microsoft Vendor. After successfully submitting the form, you will be asked to apply your login credential for the Cisco Provider Certification. This information can be attached as a file.

2.3 Experience Documents:

Applicants must submit a color scan of their job references on business letterhead or statutory declaration.

Work Experience Document Requirement

  1. Applicants’ work experience must mention the employment start date and finish date. If you are currently working there, then it can be written as the end date.
  2. Applicant’s tasks and duties that are performed during the work period of time must be written in detail for the claimed occupation.
  3. Need to provide the detail on total work hours per week.   Mention if the work is part-time or full-time.
  4. Also include the country where the job is positioned. You have to mention the date and location of the work if it is in the same nation but in a different place.
  5. Organizational Letterhead which might be signed by the author and include their name position title, address, and number.

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Things To Know Before Submitting Online Application Form for the ACS Skill Assessment.

The following are all the requirements you must meet before submitting your online application to the Australian Computer Society (ACS):

1. PDF File Requirements

The application materials must be combined into a single PDF file that contains full information on the applicant’s qualifications and employment history. The pdf file that must be submitted cannot be larger than 3Mb. Before sending, make sure your PDF file is not encrypted or in read-only mode. You must upload your PDF file to the online application form.

1.1 Upload Original Certificates

The original certificates, passports, licences, resumes, and other documents must be scanned in high-resolution colour at 300 dpi by the applicants. Verify the digital signal properly before submitting your document online.

1.2 Additional Documents

If Australia Computer Society decides the evidence you have mentioned is insufficient, they might want more supporting documentation. In certain circumstances, you must provide extra information or documentation for your claim.

1.3 Translation of Document

An English-language document must be submitted by applicants. Your document must be accompanied by an authorized English translation if it was authored in a language other than English. Both the original and the translated version of the document must be submitted.

1.3.1 Translation of Document inside Australia

Translations recognized by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) are accepted inside Australia.

1.3.2  Translation of Document outside Australia

They come within the following categories, then the translation is accepted:

The degree was earned in: The Australian Education International Section, Ministry of Justice, or Equivalent.

1.3.3 High Commission Consulate or Australia Embassy.

1.3.4 Commercial or Private Translators or Award-Winning Institutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ACS SKILL ASSESSMENT is a pathway for migration process. ACS assess your skills, knowledge and experience you have in the particular ICT field and if your skills are positively assessed then you will have chance to get PR Visa in Australia.

Sometimes letters of reference have submission requirements. This could mean they are part of an application packet and must be submitted with other materials. There may also be requirements for what is included in the letter. In other cases, requirements might include creating a digital letter versus a physical one. To write the best letter of reference for your former employee, make sure you understand all of the requirements needed for submission.

SkillSelect is the latest online program developed by the Australian government that enables skilled workers who are interested to migrate to Australia to be eligible for a Skilled Australian Visa.

Applicants have to submit an EOI using SkillSelect.

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