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Employment reference letter guidlines

Australian Computer Society is responsible for undertaking your skills assessment on behalf of the Department of Australian Home Affairs. Your ICT knowledge and skills will be tested based on your claimed nominated occupation. Applicants with an insufficient ICT background must undergo RPL assessment pathways. 

An employment reference letter is another important part of an RPL report. Your employment reference letter should give detailed information about your academic qualification. Your work experience should be at a professional level reflecting your skills and capability to be assessed as suitable in the migration skills assessment.

Employment Criteria

  1. Your employment of least 20 hours per week, and that is rewarded can be considered for skills assessment. The employment must showcase the depth and complexity of your claimed occupation. Your salary should also meet the level of skill you’ve acquired.
  2. Unpaid, partially paid, or volunteering services will not be counted as your employment for skill level assessment.
  3. The employment completed after the date you’ve met the ACS suitability criteria will only be counted as skilled employment and the work experience used to meet the suitability criteria will not be counted for skilled employment.
  4. Multiple employment with different employers for the same period: Only one employment episode can be claimed if you are in such a situation. If you provide multiple employment episodes, only the one with the best outcome will be selected, and the others will be tagged as concurrent employment. 
  5. The ICT teaching must be at an institution recognized by the ACS assessment and at the level of AQF or higher. 
  6. The research work you’ve made for your thesis will not be accepted for your employment experience. You need to provide evidence from your employer that states the research work you’ve done other than that which is a direct input to your thesis.

Reference Letter Format

1. Start and Finish Dates in a DD/MM/YYYY format 

2. State your Employment Position 

3. List all the duties performed that will reflect your nominated occupation

4. Describe the roles and duties performed for the same employer – if applicable

5. Details on total hours worked per week 

6. State the country where your employment was undertaken

7. Organization Letterhead along with a signature from an authorized person. Digital signatures are acceptable, but they must be verifiable.

Outside Australian Employment and Australia Employment

Each period for employment inside Australia must be recorded separately in an online application.

Whereas the employment outside Australia also must be recorded separately in an online application if you worked for different employers or the outside Australian employment is broken up with Australian employment episodes.

If you have worked in other countries excluding Australia, under the same employer on an occupation closely related to your claimed field, then this could be listed as an outside Australia employment.

Payment Detail

Your employment payment evidence, according to your skilled level, must include at least two of these categories.

1. Official tax payment record/document

2. Payment slip including the name of the employer and applicant

3. Insurance records for the employment 

4. Bank statements with salary payments from the employer

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