Required Identity Documents for Skill Assessment

Identity Documents for Skill Assessment

Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the evaluation authority for skilled Migration. A skill assessment will assess how good you are at your occupation. It examines your ability and identifies how good you are at the skill. Hence, experienced ICT Professionals are willing to migrate to Australia and settle permanently. For this, they need qualifications and competencies evaluated by the ACS to smooth the path of securing a Visa.   Mainly, there are four types of applications that ACS assesses for Migration. Each of them has its procedures to apply for Migration to Australia.

Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 Skill Assessment

If you have acquired a bachelor’s or higher degree from Australia and want to receive a 485 visa. First, you need to apply for a skill assessment as per your qualification and related ANZSCO codes.

Post-Australian Study Assessment

Those who graduated from the Australian Institution and looking for skill assessment for migration purposes need to apply for Post-Australian Study Assessment.

Skill Assessment

This skill Assessment is directed on a global basis for evaluating ICT Employment and tertiary ICT Qualifications.

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you don’t have ICT Qualifications or do not have sufficient ICT, you need to submit an RPL Application. Most importantly, you need to have at least six years of experience in the ICT field. Similarly, candidates who do not qualify need two years of working experience(a total of eight years). However, they do not need to work in the ICT sector.

Updated Statement: May 12, 2021

Applicable from June 15, 2021, Candidates need to provide at least three types of identity documents when applying for a skill assessment for skilled occupations. Three documents are made compulsory because of updated requirements from the (Australian Government) Department of Home Affairs.

Required Identity documents for skill Assessment

11 Required Identity documents for skill Assessment

1. Application Fee

Pay the correct amount fee before submitting your application. Do not forget to check the Fees and Payments section for the Application Pricing List. The application fee comprises GST if you are an Australian resident for tax purposes.

2. Photograph

You need to upload one recent passport-sized color photograph. The photograph must be clicked within six months and should be of good quality. Note that self-taken photographs are not acceptable.

3. Proof of Identity

You need to provide your evidence of identity minimum of one form of primary document and two others from the list below:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Bio page of Passport
  • National ID
  • Driving License
  • Social Security Card
  • Marriage Certificate

4. Australian Visa

It would be best to make sure at least one of your documents contains a photo of you. Also, at least one of your ID documents contains your full name and DOB.

You need to read and sign the Declaration on the application form to confirm that all the provided information is accurate and correct. It also makes the assessing process easy.

If you have suggested an agent representative act on your behalf, you must include their name, signature, and signing date in the declaration form.

5. Change of Name(If)

If applicable, provide evidence of name change to avoid naming inconsistencies in the documents. It provides strong support for your identity.

6. Qualification Evidence

Qualification proof contains your qualification Award Certificate achieved by the academic transcripts.

7. Award Certificate

The award certificate is the official document authenticating the competition of an award course of study. Suppose you haven’t received your qualification award certificate. In that case, a provisional award certificate is provided by the awarding body or an official statement of completion. It is supplied by the registering authority of the awarding Institution and will be accepted.

8. Academic Transcript

Provide assessing authority with the overall academic documents. These are official records defining the courses/ units of study and final grades accomplished as part of your academic qualification. If you attended a college affiliated with the awarding Institution, the award certificate must be provided by the awarding Institution allowed to award the qualifications.

If your transcripts do not provide enough information concerning the units of study undertaken, do not forget to provide additional evidence, such as a syllabus, to clarify your information. You also can add detailed significant projects and other significant features of your studies in your CV.

Supplementary notes for qualifications secured from specific regions of the world


If you have qualifications awarded from any educational institution in China, you will be needed to have your qualification documents verified by authorizing department.


Candidates having European qualifications should provide Diploma Supplements if available. Typically, these qualifications are issued by educational institutions from countries engaging in the Bologna Process. A Diploma Supplement needs to be acquired instead of an award certificate and transcript if it contains all the required information.


An approved copy of the award certificate and full transcript needs to be sent in a closed envelope.


An attested Higher Education Commission Pakistan(HEC) copy of the award certificate, and full academic transcript must be submitted to the accessing authority. If the HEC provides you with attested documents to send to the VETASSESS, you can scan and upload high-quality color copies when applying online. You need to include both back and frontside when applying for skill assessment. The assessing authority cannot accept the document if you do not have an HEC stamp and signature.


Do not forget to provide proof of passing the Professional Regulation Commission’s Licence Examination.


Institutes of Lebanon need evidence from the Equivalence Committee of Higher Education. Remember to provide evidence verifying equivalency to a qualification awarded by a Lebanese University.

9. Employment Evidence

You need to provide required employment evidence for each employment position listed in the skills assessment application.

Statement of Service

A Statement of Service is a communication statement by an employee confirming employment on official letterhead. Company letterhead should contain the organization’s full address details, email address, website, and telephone number. The content of the letterhead must be signed by the supervisor or the manager of the human resources department. The Statement of Service must contain the following  details:

  • Issue Date of Statement of Service
  • Include Company Letterhead
  • Your Full Name
  • Working hours per week
  • Your position in the organization
  • Working Period in the organization
  • Description of your duties for each position
  • Salary earned

Writing the Statement of Service, you need to include your full name, position title, official contact details, and signature. If you do so, your referee may not be contacted for further information.

Payment Evidence

Payment details need to include the following information:

  • Payslips( includes first and last payslip)
  • Taxation Records of Assessment
  • Bank Statement showing at least two salary payments, your name, and the employer’s name

If you are self-employed, you need to provide the following information:

Organizational Chart

If you are presenting a managerial occupation, you need to submit an organizational chart. An organizational chart should contain the company letterhead, job position, those of your superiors and subordinates, immediate supervisor, direct subordinates, and more. Suppose you are unable to obtain an organizational chart from your employer. Do not provide to provide a statutory declaration outlining the needed information.

Other Additional Employment Evidence

Additionally to the above documents, you need to include employment evidence:

  • Include license or registration documents
  • Other forms of recognition or Certificates

10. Statutory Declarations and Affidavits

The statutory Declaration needs to be adequately accomplished by the significant legal professional in the country. Candidates need to look for appropriate legal advice.

Statutory Declarations need to provide any information you cannot supply through official documents, such as the description of the tasks related to the particular period of employment.

Do not forget that skills assessment cannot be judged based on the content of a statutory declaration or affidavit only. A statutory declaration cannot be accepted as proof of your employment dates, position, or payment evidence. Related information should be in the form of official documentation.

11. Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

If you are applying for a skill assessment, you need to submit a CV to benefit the assessment process. A resume contains your academic and working experience documents Required for ACS Skill Assessment focusing on your overall academic qualification and course studies. It also shows cases of the projects you have carried over the period. Overall, it describes your employment career history in your own words.

Documents Sizes

You need to scan your documents and convert them into PDF before submitting them to accessing authority. You can upload 8 PDF files with a maximum of 3 MB in size. You can use different apps or online sites to scan your documents, like CAM Scanner or ADOBE. Do not submit black and white copies as they only accept color copies. A separate PDF file needs to be created for each Employment reference and qualification. For instance:

  • Scan the Passport only front and last page and convert it into PDF.
  • Bachelor’s degree containing all mark sheet
  • Employment reference letter 1 with payment evidence
  • Employment reference letter 2 with payment evidence
  • Name your PDF
  • Name your Passport
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • PDF Name of an organization like ABC Pvt. Ltd.
Application and Assessment Process

The ACS migration skills analysis will determine whether your academic credentials or job experience for migration purposes are at the professional ICT level and closely related to their ANZSCO Code.

  • Evaluation will be based on Australian national education standards.
  • Each unit is assessed whether or not it is considered an ICT technical unit.
  • ACS find out if your selected nominated occupation is closely linked
  • The episodes of employments are analyzed based on your nominated occupation.

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