Assessment Pathway for Recognition of Prior Learning

Assessment pathway for Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition Prior Learning (RPL) is an alternate pathway to Certified Protection Professionals (CPP). RPL recognizes the equivalent units as part of a course or qualification.

RPL evaluates an applicant’s formal learning to ensure they have completed the required learning outcomes, capability outcomes, or criteria for partial or total completion of a Professional Unit.

Australian computer society is the government body that performs skill assessments as a visa application process. ACS body will determine if you have the right qualification and experience as an ICT professional. If you are willing to migrate to Australia, you have to abide by certain criteria.

There are four application types available for migration purposes. Each of these applications requires a suitable migration skill assessment.

  1. Temporary Graduate (TG)

Temporary Graduate Visa is for overseas students who have newly graduated from Australia with skills and qualifications that are related to specific occupations. If you get this visa you will be able to live, study, and work in Australia temporarily. Normally, candidates can stay for 18 months after getting this visa. The application fee for a temporary graduate visa starts from AUD 1,680.

2. Post-Australian Study (PAS)

The post-Australian Study Pathway is for those candidates who have finished their Australian Bachelor Degree and seeking skill assessment for migration purposes. Such candidates need to have a professional year program.

3. Skills Assessment (Skills)

This application is applied for tertiary ICT qualifications and employment.

4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This RPL Assessment is applicable to those who have insufficient or no ICT qualification at all. But they need to have work experience in the related field.

Criteria For RPL Assessment

1. Non-ICT qualification comparable to AQF or higher

If the qualification is assessed as an AQF Diploma or higher and insufficient ICT qualification, you will need to provide six years of work experience in the relevant field.

2. Non-tertiary qualification

If you lack a tertiary educational qualification, you will need eight years of work experience in the relevant field.

Project Report

You need to submit two project reports on how you acquired your ICT knowledge and skills. Your report should present details of your career episode and evidence to support the claimed ICT knowledge. The project you carried out must reflect the employment being assessed.

Out of the two project reports to be submitted, one must relate to a project undertaken within the last three years. The other must relate to a project undertaken within the last five years during your ICT employment.

The project report must provide a strong foundation for all the work you’ve performed. It should reflect the depth and breadth of your ICT knowledge.

 The project report must be your work and not copied from other sources. Your report will be screened for plagiarised content. Your report will be rejected if any such contents are found or will be asked to re-submit the project. All the quotes and references you’ve used must be cited properly in your project report.

Who Is Eligible For RPL Assessment?

RPL is open to everyone. And RPL Assessment is divided into two categories. They are:

  • Candidates with ICT qualifications need to have two years of work experience in the related ICT field
  • Candidates with tertiary qualification need to have additional 2 years of work experience but work experience should not be related to the ICT nominated field

Application types for migration purposes

Benefits Of RPL

There are many benefits of RPL. Some of them are:

  • You will have your skills, knowledge, and experience identified
  • It saves time and money without repeating learning skills and knowledge you already have
  • It cut down the fees spent to gain a qualification
  • It fulfills the gap between your skills and knowledge

How Does RPL Work?

 Like other forms of assessment, the RPL process includes applicants presenting evidence that they need to assess skills and knowledge that are presented in RPL Report. Candidates willing to migrate to Australia need to demonstrate acquired skills and knowledge through RPL Report to ACS. The consideration of recognition involves reviewing the evidence provided by the candidates against the core competencies and objectives set for the unit.

You need to prove your competencies through evidence. In this case, evidence refers to anything that is used to demonstrate contention. As assessor entirely depends on the submitted documents in the application form.

So, to support a formal request or application for RPL, the evidence must be valid(It must be related to the application request), authentic(It must be unique, genuine, and validated or verified), sufficient(Need to provide enough explanation to the assessor such that they will not ask for additional documents), current( starting and end date should need to be mentioned), reliable(It need to provide information from the trustworthy source ). Overall, every piece of evidence needs to meet the criteria defined by ACS.

What Do I Need To Demonstrate To Access The RPL Process?

To be evaluated under the RPL process you need to be a careful full financial member of the planning institute of Australia. Similarly, you need to complete the application form and pay the required fee. Also, you need to have completed relevant training or qualification which is equivalent to their unit requirements and competencies. The major 3 steps you need to include in your RPL Process are:

1. Review Your Previous Training

Ensure your previous training by reading the guidance provided by ACS. Don’t forget to do a self-assessment checklist of the documents you uploaded in the application form. Ensure to provide documents that ACS is looking for.

2. Prepare Your Application

Complete the self-assessments one by one. Complete the RPL Application for Assessment form and payment and gather all the supporting documents as a piece of evidence. Make sure that all the documents are verified by an authoritative organization.

3. Submit Your Documents

Submit your evidence documents as evidence with a cover letter. Provide PIA membership number if available.

Why Seek Profession Help?

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