Reasons for RPL Rejection from ACS

reasons of RPL rejection from ACS

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning, a method of assessment of an individual’s skills and knowledge gained through formal, informal, or non-formal learning.

If you do not have an ICT degree or have insufficient ICT qualification and are applying for Skilled Migration to Australia, then you have to submit the Australian Computer Society (ACS) an RPL application with two RPL project reports along with your employment reference letter to achieve a positive skill assessment.

RPL report is the must for migrating Australia and to apply for PR Visa. So it’s necessary to write your RPL report perfectly. Sometime despite being careful while writing your RPL report, you may commit some mistakes and those mistakes will lead to a negative assessment of your RPL or reasons for RPL rejection from ACS.

Reasons for RPL Report Rejection

reasons of RPL rejection from ACS


You may find lots of RPL report samples and resources online. But you have to be aware that those samples are provided for reference purposes only. If you copy content from those sample reports to your RPL reports, then you will be caught by ACS and your report will be rejected. ACS requires your RPL reports to be unique and authenticate.

To avoid rejection due to plagiarism, just read the samples, learn from them and write your RPL in a similar way. Avoid plagiarism so as not to get a rejection from ACS.

Insufficient Work Experience

Many applicants get confused on this topic. ACS has several criteria regarding the skill level requirements. There is a difference between skill assessment of employment before and after the qualification. At first, you need to have certain years of work experience to meet the suitability criteria for skilled migration.

Work experience only after meeting the suitability criteria is considered skilled employment and eligible for the skilled migration point. If your total work experience could not meet the eligibility criteria then your RPL will be rejected or assessed as “Not suitable due to lack of experience”.

That’s why it is very important to be absolutely clear about the skill assessment process and point system of ACS before applying for skill assessment. It is better to acquire sufficient work experience before applying for ACS skill assessment.

Irrelevant Job Description

RPL assessment is the assessment of your knowledge and skills and contribution you have made in your nominated field of occupation. So try to include all the details about the duties and responsibilities you have performed during your employment period.

But keep in mind that at least 65% of the duties detailed in your RPL report and employment reference must be relevant to the nominated occupation for the experience to be deemed closely related to the nominated occupation (ANZSCO). Otherwise, your RPL will be assessed as “Not suitable due to lack of information”.

If your detailed job description does not match the occupation you applied for, then your RPL will be rejected. So only mention relevant job tasks and make it specific to the nominated occupation.

Unsuitable Work Experience

  1. Concurrent Employment

When one employment period is performed at the same time as another employment episode. Only one episode of employment can be accepted at any one time.

2. Not Closely related to the Nominated ANZSCO

Based on the information provided in the documentation the duties have been assessed as not being closely related to the nominated occupation.

3. Not Assessable due to Insufficient Documentation

The documentation provided does not meet the requirements as per the Skills Assessment Guidelines or is not sufficient to meet our assessment criteria.

4. Not Assessable due to Insufficient Detail

The documentation provided does not contain sufficient information in order for us to make an assessment.

Thus, You need to be more concerned about the above things. You should not take these minor things lightly because your minor mistakes may become a reason for RPL rejection. So be careful while writing RPL Report and submitting it to ACS.

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