ACS Work Experience Deduction

ACS Work Experience Deduction

ACS (Australian Computer Society) is the authentic body that assesses your skills, work experience, and knowledge in the ICT field who wants to migrate to Australia. Professionals from another country with no ICT degree i.e., tertiary qualifications or insufficient ICT qualifications, are required to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to ACS for Australia Skilled Migration by submitting an RPL report form for ACS skill assessment.

ACS Work Experience Deduction

ACS deducts work experience from 2 years to 4 years of your total work experience according to your educational background. The deduction also depends upon how much the nominated occupation in the ANZSCO code matches your job description. So make sure that your skills, role, and responsibilities match with the selected ANZSCO code.

At least 2 years is deducted from everyone’s work experience as ACS takes 2 years as the training duration of every worker. Though the number of years deducted may depend on several factors.

If you have completed a Bachelor’s degree from an IT field or computer science background then, ACS deducts 2 years of work experience from your total work experience.

And if you are from the non-ICT field, but worked in an ICT field for years, then ACS deducts 4 years of work experience from your total work experience.

The application process for ACS includes choosing the appropriate ANZSCO code based on your skills and experience, then writing and submitting an RPL report along with all the relevant documents, and submitting them to ACS.

On submission of the RPL and relevant documents, from ACS, you will receive an approval email with the reference number that you can use to track your application. Normally, you will receive the report within 8 to 10 weeks from the application being submitted.

ACS Work Experience Deduction Factor

Based on the below factors, the total deduction of work experience may vary from 2 to 8 years. Some of the factors that affect the deduction of your work experience by ACS are:

• If your skills, roles, and responsibilities mentioned do not match with the selected ANZSCO code.

• The year in which you completed your bachelors or masters

• The subject you are specialized at.

• Relevance and type of work experience and the skill learned during the work,

• Is your degree major or minor and is it closely related to your work area and ANZSCO code?

Moreover, if you already have an Australian degree or ACS qualified years, or both, then it is an advantage to you as no deductions are made from your work experience.

For this reason, it is a wise decision to hire a professional writer who has experience with RPL report writing and submitting documents to prepare your RPL report. The professional help you seek must have a successful track record of positive assessment by ACS. Many verified websites provide the services of authentic professionals online to help with your RPL and ACS submission.

Example of Work Experience Deduction

Below is the example that may help you to understand more clearly,

If you complete a Bachelor’s degree with a major ICT on 31 Mar 2008 and you have relevant work experience of 4 years from 1 Jun 2008 until 31 Mar 2012. From those 4 years, 2 years of your experience will be used to satisfy the criteria of suitability and your Skill Level Requirement Met Date will be 31 Jun 2010.

All appropriate work experience achieved after 31 Mar 2010 will be taken into consideration as Skilled Employment and eligible for the point test of skilled migration. The 2 years of work experience are taken as criteria of suitability. However, it is not eligible for the migration point test.

ACS ‘AFTER’ Start Date

The important topic is the “after month” that is mentioned in the ACS skill assessment report. ACS does not define which date to use SkillSelect EOI (Expression of Interest) in your Australia. You will use the date you filed your ACS application for use in your EOI, as per the ACS guidelines.

Still, you are confused about the deduction; we are 24*7 available for your help. If you need any help or consultation regarding ACS RPL, you can contact

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