Best ICT jobs for skilled migrants who received PR visas in Australia

ICT jobs for skilled migrants

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, more Australians prefer to work from home two days a week on average, and as organizations prepare for remote workers, one of the challenges is IT security.  According to ACS, the demand for ICT jobs for skilled migrants has increased significantly.

A remote workforce poses risks due to its employees’ reliance on their own networks and equipment. Additionally, none of the people have their own IT specialist at their home office, so any issues will be handled with their technical skills.

Working from home has presented an interesting dilemma for computer experts looking for a new career path: the growing need for ICT professionals. There has never been a better time to be a qualified and skilled worker in this field! If you are debating whether or not to pursue a career in IT.

What Are ICT Job Opportunities for Skilled Migrants?

Career and job opportunities for ICT professionals are considerable, and demand is growing significantly faster than in other fields. ICT specialists are needed by all industries, but large corporations in particular. It is better to work for a large corporation if you want a steady job with predictable hours. Consider finding a job with a company that hires ICT specialists or starting your own business if you want more flexibility.

ICT Professional Qualifications

To become an ICT Professional, you need a Diploma in Information Technology. You will learn a variety of important ICT skills and knowledge in this course. Additionally, you will learn how to broaden your career prospects, succeed in your next role, and advance your professional development. You will learn about server visualization, internet gateways, operating systems, markup language, server testing, virtual machines, ICT projects, and network access during your education. Your next step in your ICT career will be paved with your completion of this course!

Best ICT Jobs for Skilled Migrants for 2022

Here are the lists of most in-demand ICT jobs.

  1. ICT Business Analyst
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Web Developer
  4. Database Administrator
  5. Information Security Analyst
  6. Software Developer
  7. Network and Computer Systems Administrator
  8. Computer programmer
  9. ICT Professional
  10. Computer and information systems manager
  11. Systems Analyst
  12. Cloud Engineer

ICT Jobs Are In High Demand In Australia

With the release of new data about which jobs the country needs most, the Australian government has once again identified an ICT skills shortage.

The National Skills Commission (NSC) released its first Skills Priority Occupation List, measuring the current and projected future demand for 800 jobs listed under the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).

Almost 10 percent of the jobs in the highest demand category are in IT, indicating a current national shortage and a strong future demand.

A multimedia specialist, a developer programmer, a software engineer, an information security specialist, and an ICT support engineer are some examples of these roles.

These jobs also appear on the government’s Priority Migration Skilled Occupations List – a list of jobs the government is targeting for its migration program as part of its COVID-19 economic recovery plan.

ICT-specific roles were added to the list last month.

The migration priority list does not include all jobs categorized as currently in national shortage, which underscores how the growing demand for ICT skills is not necessarily being met by local training.

Similarly, accountants, surveyors, and engineers are all occupations with national shortages that the government aims to fill with migrants. However, trades like chefs, electricians, and butchers, which have skills shortages, are not prioritized for migration.

A recent speech by Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe discussed migration as a factor affecting wage growth – sometimes negatively – although continuing high wages for IT jobs indicate it has been less influential.

By hiring overseas workers, firms can hire the people they need to operate effectively and expand and invest, Lowe said.

Several businesses and industries have benefited from foreign workers during the resources boom.

“Australia would have produced less if it lacked this capability.”

According to the NSC’s priority list, there will continue to be a demand for IT skills in the coming years.

System and network administrators, web developers, and software testers are among the IT roles without recognized national shortages but for which the NSC anticipates strong demand in the future.

Another job in that category – analyst programmer – is on the priority migration list despite that lack of shortage.

IT-related jobs with the lowest priority classifications are more business-focused positions such as ICT account managers, ICT business development managers, and ICT sales representatives.

Current shortages and future demand for each of these roles are moderate.

According to the NSC, Australia does not have a shortage of agricultural and farm workers, nor are they in demand in the future, at the bottom of the skilled occupation list.

Machine operators, emergency service workers, firefighters, detectives, police officers, and debt collectors are also in high demand, though demand is expected to soften in the future for each occupation.

At the bottom of the list, movie projectionists, and television and radio presenters all have soft future demand, which echoes broader technological and social changes.

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