What is The ACS Processing Time For an RPL Case?

ACS Processing time

ACS Skill Assessment has no specified time frame for processing completion. Once you submit your RPL application, it takes around eight to ten weeks. ACS recommends all its applicants allow at least 10-12 weeks for the completion of your ACS skills assessment. But the application processing time can differ from the quality of the documentation and information you provide.

According to the ACS guidelines, if you have submitted all the necessary documents in your application and all your provided information is genuine and correct, then your application gets the process in less than the suggested timeline.

But if your submitted application does not meet the required guidelines and requires requests for additional documentation or information, then the assessment process may take much longer time than anticipated.

Not only the processing time gets extended, but you also have to pay an extra amount if you have to re-submit any missing document or make a request for the review. And then there will be more chances of your RPL rejection due to a lack of sufficient information.

So it is better to read the ACS guidelines before writing your RPL Project Report and check all the documents at least once before submitting them to ACS for RPL assessment.

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We provide a standard format of the RPL project report form and Employment Reference Letter samples. You can also download RPL report samples for various ICT professions according to ANZSCO codes that are already submitted and approved by ACS.

Aware of ACS Document Requirement and Time Limit

Professional Writers are professional as they have been doing this work for years, so it’s obvious that they are aware of documents required by ACS. They will better know about the time limit of ACS.

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