Things to consider in an Employment Reference Letter

employment reference letter

Are you applying for Skilled Migration to Australia as an ICT professional, but you do not have enough ICT qualifications? Then a perfect employment reference letter will help you showcase your knowledge and skills in the nominated field of occupation.

An employment reference letter or, say, a recommendation letter is a written document that includes the entire details of the professional skills, work, and experiences of an individual, thereby emphasizing his/her abilities to perform particular tasks.

If you want your ACS skill assessment to be a success, then the following things should be considered in your employment reference letter.

Things to consider while preparing Employment Reference Letter

  • Work experience must be at a professional ICT level and relevant to the nominated occupation (ANZSCO) to be assessed as suitable.
  • Accumulate sufficient work experience before applying for the Skills Assessment. ACS has set criteria for the minimum work experience required to meet the skill level requirements.
  • Work experience before meeting the skill level requirement is not considered as skilled employees and not eligible for migration points. And your RPL will be assessed as “Not suitable due to lack of experience.”
  • Mention the start and end dates of each employee in a DD/MM/YY format in an employment reference letter. If your employment is “Current,” then state the term “To Date” and include the date the reference was written.
  • You can include as many employment tasks as possible in your reference letter. But make sure those tasks are relevant to your nominated occupation. It is stated that at least 65% of the duties detailed in the employment reference must be relevant to the nominated occupation for the experience to be deemed closely related to the nominated occupation (ANZSCO). Otherwise, the reference will be assessed as “Not suitable due to lack of information.”
  • Work experience carried out as part of a qualification is not considered for skilled employment and will be reported as “Concurrent Employment.”
  • A minimum of 20 hours per week is considered a full-time job. So if you are including full-time or part-time work in the reference, be sure to meet the criteria and mention the worked hours clearly in the reference letter.
  • All references must contain specific information from your employer regarding your performed duties and the skills applied to the job. References without the specific details of your duties will be assessed as “Not suitable due to lack of information.”
  • Don’t forget to write the name of the country where the employment was undertaken. If you have worked in multiple countries for one company, the employment reference must show the specific dates and corresponding locations where the employment was accomplished.
  • The Employment Reference letter must be signed by your employer or any person authorized by your employer. The name, position, and contact details of the person making the referral must be clearly included.
  • Reference should be certified as a valid copy by an authorized notary. Only the certified copy of the employment reference letter is considered for the ACS Skills Assessment.
  • Include your actual work and experience in the reference letter. Never copy from other resources.
  • Since employment reference is proof of your competency, try to be more specific to the nominated occupation and explain the employment duties and responsibilities you performed in the field that highlights your strong areas.

How do you submit your Employment Reference Letter?

When preparing the online application, candidates need to break out employment episodes to specify “Australian” or“ International” employment.

Australia Employment: The working period of employment inside Australia needs to be written independently in the online form.

 Employment Outside Australia: If you have worked for different employers outside Australia, it will be broken into Australian employment episodes: each career episode must be documented separately in the online application. For instance, if you have worked in multiple countries except Australia for the same company. In this case, you need to include a single period of employment outside of Australia in your online application.

When will your work experiences be taken as unsuitable?

1. Working at different at the same time.

If the candidates complete one employment period while also doing another employment period. In this case, only one employment event will be considered as employment.

2. ANZSCO Code not related to the nominated Occupation list.

The roles and responsibilities mentioned in the RPL Report need to be related to the ANZSCO Code.

3. Inadequate documentation leads to false assessments.

If your submitted documents could not meet the requirements of the skills assessment guidelines or are inadequate to meet the assessment criteria. Then, it will be termed as not assessed.

4. Insufficient details cause the work episode not to be valuable.

Include all the information in detail so that the assessor does not think twice about the skill assessment.

5. Queries regarding results letters.

Applicants who wish to question about assessment outcome. You can contact ACS via email, mentioning their Application ID and reference number.

Key areas to focus on while writing ACS Employment Reference Letter

If you need a well-written employment reference letter for the ACS RPL Report. In this case, ACSRPLAustralia offers a platform where you can receive the best RPL Report Writing Services and reference letter samples for your guidance. Don’t forget to highlight key areas for writing your ACS Employment Reference Letter below.

1. Proper details of the employment time.

Make a list of the thing you need to write in your actual job experiences. Using content from online samples is strictly prohibited. As per the ANZSCO Code, any work experience you provide must be professional and related to the selected occupation lists.

2. Inadequate Work Experience Details.

Before submitting RPL Report for the ACS RPL Assessment, you need to have enough work experience to meet the skill level standards. Only those employees who meet the skill level requirements will be counted as skilled employees and qualified for migration points. While submitting an employment reference, don’t forget to mention your work details and tasks performed, highlighting competency areas.

3. Use Valid Signatures.

The employment reference letter needs to be verified by the employer or authorized personnel of the organization. Provide details of you explaining your roles and responsibilities, position, and your work in the nominated field. Using a fake signature or letterhead will lead to unsuccessful results.

Do you need any help?

If you are finding it hard to prepare employment reference letters on your own, then contact ACSRPLAustralia. We have an expert team to provide ACS-approved reference letters with 100% genuine and original content.

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