10 Expert tips for ACS RPL Report Writing in 2021

ACS RPL Report

ACS is the authority that assesses skill assessment for skilled migration. The role of ACS is to assess the skills and qualifications of ICT professionals who are willing to migrate to Australia to stay and work in the Information and Communications Technology( ICT) Sector.

The role of ACS in Australia’s national interest is to supply the Australian workforce with skills in the areas of domestic shortage to resume economic growth and enable the country to best position itself for the growth and prosperity of the nation.

Before submitting a migration skills assessment, don’t forget to review the skills assessment guidelines provided by ACS. These guidelines provide you with the eligibility requirements in applying for a skills assessment under the Migration Skills Assessment Program.

However, they do not provide specific information on migration or visa requirements. If you have any quires regarding visa and migration, you can directly contact the Department of Home Affairs.

Recognition of Prior Learning ( RPL) evaluates an individual’s skills who don’t have ICT qualifications or other relevant ICT qualifications. Anyone willing to migrate to Australia needs to have skills assessed by the Australian Computer Society( ACS). ACS evaluates candidates with non-ICT or ICT that is not sufficient. In this situation, the applicant needs to show their qualifications and work experience to the ACS for Australian Skills Migration. In this case, the applicants without tertiary ICT qualifications need to submit ACS RPL Report Form.

The main motive of ACS Skill Assessment is to allow non-ICT qualified professionals to expose their skills. It also lets them explain that they have equivalent skills and how they acquired those skills. They can also include a maximum number of areas in which they acquired knowledge in the critical Areas of Knowledge.

The ACS Knowledge Body established this section for those candidates who do not have analogous ICT qualifications to the Australian universities but have several years of experience in the professional ICT field. So, Candidates can apply for ICT Skills Assessment in the RPL Assessment Process.

Several stages of writing an RPL Application are eventually designed to make the platform eligible for all candidates who do not have a degree equally to ICT but comparably knowledgeable. To write an RPL Application form, you need to have the best report. Whiling writing a report, you need to know how to write an RPL application:

Acquiring Information: In ACS, there should be written information that contains all the processes involved in the RPL. Society asks the applicants to regulate that they are suitable for applying RPL.

Starting your Application: Professional advice and guidance help you create the application, complete the summary sheet by filling up the verification and talk about all the circumstances and skills you gather from learning, work, general life, etc., containing formal and informal courses.

Application Form Section

The application form is categorized into two parts, they are:

Section 1: Key Areas of Knowledge

This section contains all the skills you acquired from where and how you got experience and knowledge.

Section 2: Project Report Form

It provides the detailed applicant information worked previously. The applicant details will be sent to the RPL assessor after processing. The ACS RPL assesses your documents based on the documents provided. Then, candidates are provided with feedback.


Don’t forget to refer to the ACS Core Body of Knowledge (CBOK) for ICT professionals applying for an RPL. Adding extra details to your qualification will help the ACS assessor understand your project to explain acquired ICT knowledge.

Two project reports are needed to be submitted by the applicants for RPL through the ACS Project Report Form. In one report, the candidate will mention the project carried out in the last three years. Another report should contain projects undertaken in the previous five years. Here are the different factors for ACS RPL that are in the prerequisites for the Australian Computer Society ( ACS) Skill Assessment:

  • The network topography with size and installed security facilities
  • Different methods come after the time of the project management and quality assurance
  • Candidates contribute to design, sign and implement processes
  • The techniques and tools implemented in system design and analysis
  • The different procedures applied in file and Database design and management
  • The languages of programming make use of different events supposed for design standards
  • Should know about ICT managerial activities along with responsibilities
  • Use of design of internet application as well as measures of security

Who needs ACS RPL Report?

ACS RPL Candidates are divided into two parts:

  • Candidates having a non-ICT qualification degree need to have at least 6 years of work experience as a professional ICT employee in a related field of proposed professions and ANZSCO Code.
  • An applicant who does not possess higher education need to have extra 2 years of experience in the related ICT Profession( total 8 years), but another year not necessarily be relevant ANZSCO Code. Different ANZSCO Code listed

How to apply for Skill Assessment?

If you want to apply for skilled migration to Australia, you need to follow the guidelines set by ACS. First and foremost, you need to check visa requirements and ANZSCO Code. After you are sure about your criteria and requirements, select the occupational category and work experience closely related. Then, you need to follow the following steps if you desire to apply for skills assessment in ACS for immigration to Australia.

  • Get skill assessment approved by ACS
  • Prepare for English Proficiency Test (PTE, IELTS)
  • Submit your EOI( Expression of Interest)
  • Wait for ITA After receiving ITA, do your ( Police Clearance Certificate) and Medical Done Pay visa fees
  • After receiving ITA, do your ( Police Clearance Certificate) and Medical Done
  • Pay visa fees

Expert tips to prepare RPL Report for ACS Australia

Writing an RPL project report is not difficult as it seems initially. It would be best to reflect on what you have learned, how you learned it, how you practically used it, and how you used your acquired knowledge to solve problems. Here are some expert tips while writing a perfect ACS RPL Report.

  • Recognize and form the Area of Knowledge topic that you have selected to explain by entering the name of the Area of Knowledge
  •  Describe, in the extendible typing area, how you have obtained the knowledge and illustrate the depth of that knowledge and skill
  • It would be best not to address all subtopics in the Area of Knowledge in your explanation. Talk about at least TWO subtopics. Do not forget to enter the subtopic name(s) in the box.
  • Do not elaborate unnecessarily; instead, make it clear and concise.
  • Restrict each paragraph to no more than one and a half pages
  • The applicants need to demonstrate how they gained their ICT knowledge and submit a total of two Projects within an RPL Application in ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form.
  • A detailed explanation of career episode with enough detail of evidence while applying the claimed ICT knowledge in the occupation
  • Two project reports should be presented to the assessor. One should contain a project performed within the last three years, and another project report should represent the project over the previous five years.
  • The weightage of the claimed ICT knowledge acquired during the ICT employment should be recorded.
  • Do not include plagiarized content as ACS strictly prohibited it.

ACS uses robust software for the plagiarism check, which detects every copied content. This leads to the resubmission of the report with correction. Remember to include citations and references of each r Reference of all cited projects should be included. If you could not provide enough proof to support your project report, you might have to bear inadmissible evaluation. Hence to get a positive skill assessment, you need to consider the following points:

  •  ACS RPL Report need to be genuine content for the effectiveness in the report
  • ACS restricts plagiarism content
  • Duplicate and copy content from online resources will lead to the rejection of the RPL Report.
  • Not sufficient work experience
  • If your overall work experience could not meet the eligibility criteria of ACS, then your RPL Report will get rejected and notified as Not suitable due to lack of experience.
  • Write the job description clearly with related information required as mentioned by ACS.

Benefits of RPL Report Writing

  • RPL acts as a gateway to non-conventional undergraduates or individuals who have not gotten a chance for further studies or work in Australia
  • Consider the estimation of the learning process like values and learning in the working environment.
  • Promises to confirm the learning for undergraduates who have self-learning skills
  • Find out pointless errors or faults and the doubling of products for the undergraduates.
  • Reduce the time required to procure an ability
  • Accomplish school-level studies or any specific program.
  • Increase the confidence level and pride of the undergraduates
  • Magnify understudies recognition and understanding of learning as a deep-rooted methodology
  • Follow the specialist through acquired knowledge.
  • Proof of aptitudes holes

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