10 reasons to migrate to Australia

migrate to Australia

Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) assesses applicants’ skills who are willing to migrate to Australia. The applicant from overseas having the necessary skills and knowledge before they apply for an application for migration. Australian Computer Society(ACS) is an alliance that evaluates applicants based on their skills and knowledge.

RPL Assessment is for Information and Communication Technology(ICT) and has about 22,000 members all over Australia. The ICT needs to reflect their skills and knowledge to the ACS for Australia Skilled Migration. This is why the applicants without any ICT capabilities are required to submit RPL Report Form for Skill Assessment. They also include the maximum number of areas in which they gained skills and apply for assessment accordingly.

ACSRPL Assessment Categories

The applicants migrating to Australia can join in any of the two categories for the RPL Skills Assessment. They are:

  • The candidates who have a degree but didn’t have anything related to ICT in their course need to have professional experience of six years in the field of ICT. The field in which the applicants have worked candidates should be relevant to the ANZSCO Code of discipline.
  • The candidates without any tertiary qualifications need to have two years of work experience(total eight years) in the related field. But, the extra two years of experience need to be in the related ANZSCO Code.

ACS RPL Skills Assessment Requirements

While presenting the ACS Project Report Form, the applicants need to have two project reports. In one project, you need to mention a project conducted within five years of application is made, whereas another project must be completed within three years. Also, ACS supports some guidelines while processing RPL Assessment. They are mentioned below:

  • The methods used to control files and database and file design
  • The participation of the applicants to design and implement the projects and their process
  • The methods used during project management and pledge the quality
  • The network topologies include the size of the security facilities that applicants have installed
  • Several methods are followed during design, and the programming languages are used
  • The procedures that the applicants used in the analysis of the system and design
  • The managerial activities performed by applicants in the field of ICT

21st Century is the era of technology and applicants need to come up with innovative ideas for business. It inquires candidates be able to solve complex problems and provide feasible solutions. Technology plays a crucial role in bringing changes to develop products and services that are in trends. Many business companies are starting to investing in these IT trends to be competitive in the market.

Many people migrate to Australia from every corner of the world. The main aim is to get a job and settle here for a bright future. Australi’s policy lets non-Australians move, settle, and work there. Yet, getting a skilled migration visa is a long, tough, and challenging process. Many skilled professions from the ICT field apply for the skilled migration program. COVID-19 impacts and lack of skilled workers are high in demand in Australia and provide various kinds of visas. Here are the top 5 ICT jobs that are in demand are:

1.Database Administrator

The Database Administrator is accountable for supervising the data of a company. They ensure the company can use everything they require whenever required. It involves the activities like solving complex issues regarding security measures. The demand for a database administrator is high in the Australian Market. And it is expected to increase every day and will reach 11% by 2026.

They are focused on designing and maintaining different data structures, tables, architectures, and many more to maintain accuracy. They also provide standards for data backups, recovery, and maintain tight security to avoid data error.

2. Software and Application Programmer

The major work of Software and Application Programmer is to develop, test, and maintain program code as per the user necessity and system needs. Demand for software and application programmer is increasing day by day and will increase drastically by 2021-2022 due to COVID-19 impacts and consequences.

Software and Application Programmer aims to research, consult, analyze, and evaluate the system as per the program requirement. It also supports identifying technology limitations in the methodologies applied.

3. Network Analyst

Network Analysts are those who maintain network components and provides network support to resolve various network connectivity issues. They are also answerable for monitoring hardware and software upgrades, including operating systems and applications.

Network Analysts assess advanced system design, modules for the development of a system. It also examines and monitors infrastructures to ensure network connectivity.

4. IT Manager

IT Manager fills the gap between technology and business development. The major task of the IT Manager is to create new ideas on how to grow business and benefits via the use of technology. The demands for managers will raise drastically as businesses expand their operations to a digital platform.

IT Manager formulates proper business plan and guidelines specifying technology to meet the user requirements. They provide relevant plans, policies, and strategies to overcome possible forthcoming technical complications.

5. Web Developer

Web developers generally keep an eye on designing websites and maintaining other technical aspects of websites. Web Developer jobs will grow by 13% over ten years.

Web developer aims to develop websites reflecting creativity, along with the use of scripting languages and programming techniques. The design of presentations, videos, animations, games, and others by using programming languages and tools.

You can choose other various ICT Profession as well as per your monitor’s qualifications. The scope of professions like Software Developers, Analyst Programmers, Web Administrators, ICT Quality Assurance, and more. They can travel, work, live and study in Australia.

most demanding ICT Jobs on Australia

Reasons for migrating to Australia

Australia provides diverse opportunities for ICT Professionals. With technological evolution, businesses have realized the important value of ICT Professionals. Australia is trying to bring more professionals from all over the world. Even the Government is putting effort into improving jobs in ICT Sector. Job opportunities and demands in ICT Sector will attract global talents. Digitization will bring cloud storage, cybersecurity, and more.

Australia still lacks skilled workers in different fields. With a powerful economic state and need for workers, Australia can be the ultimate choice for the job, study, and live there permanently. Following are the reasons why you need to migrate to Australia.

 1.Career Opportunity

The industry number is increasing day by day as the economy grows. With the increase in demand, companies are providing several employment opportunities to skilled migrants. Australian Government also tries to provide a work-life environment, and new opportunities to explore.

 2. Healthcare Facilities

Free Health Care Services are provided via Medicare by the Australian Government. It is the best and effective way that helps to cover primary healthcare facilities.

3. Financial Stability

Applicants immigrating every year to earn higher wages. Australia has cost higher cost of living, and people migrating to Australia have a higher wage rate. The Australian economy has been booming for more than a decade now. It lets you become economically stable and independent. This is the main reason for migrating to Australia.

4. Multicultural Society

Australia provides a unique culture from all around the world. Almost half of the population is from different parts of the world. One of the noteworthy reasons for an immigrant is rich cultural diversity.

5. Permanent Residency

After completing particular requirements, you can apply for permanent residency. With PR, they are capable for the Australian citizen along with health benefits. A newly born baby can apply for citizenship.

migrate to Australia

6. Security

With minimum crime rates compared to other countries, it is the best, safest place to live.

7. Quality Education

Australia gives a quality education system authorized in every part of the world. There are many universities providing quality education. Also, the Government offers free education facilities to the primary and secondary levels.

8. Weather and Climate

Because of Australia’s temperate weather, Australia is an attractive destination for overseas migrants. All four favorable seasons are found in the Australian east coast region. Australia is famous for skiing. But, because of its location in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed. Winter is experienced from July to August and Summer is from December to January.

9. Pathway to Citizenship

All permanent residents will ultimately qualify to become Australian Citizens. A big benefit for migrants moving to the country is that Australia accepts dual citizenship and that children born in Australia can apply for Permanent Resident(PR) or citizenship even if their parents don’t qualify for citizenship.

10. No Language Barrier

Australian people have their terns and accent but everyone understands and speaks English. Hence, communicating with each other is easy.

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